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Teacher X: “You are so lucky to be sent off to a camp only after 3 weeks. I waited for 3 years you know.”

March 8, 2011

Me: *smiles dumbly*


Now that I think about it – Why didn’t I have any cooler comebacks???? *FAIL*


So yea, last Thursday…after a busy day at school, Dzeti and I had the ‘privilege’ of accompanying the young leaders of our school (the prefects, library prefects, student body etc) for a 3 days 2 nights Leadership Camp in Kem Limau Kasturi.

With no idea of what to expect, I asked my kids about the campsite… and my oh my, they had so much fun scaring my guts out with ghost stories and what not… Dang~

Fast forward, we took the train… a rather funny ride with a funny pakcik selling snacks…

and reached…


The place is actually pretty ideal for a camp. Problem is, it is so ILL-MAINTAINED!!!!!

The best word to describe the place?

_ _ _ _ _ _

Any guesses?

F _ _ _ H _


Still no idea?

Lemme give you some vowels..

F I _ _ H _



Oh yeah…

Yup there’s a ‘Y’ at the end…

Uh huh…

Bingo! *claps*

the answer is


The level of filthiness is just beyond me…

..and this..

… and THIS!!!

…and ewwwwwwwwww… this…


OK..I think I made my point clear


And the campsite is supposed to be the district’s Pusat Kokurikulum.



Back to the camp experience…

This is the most common scene throughout the camp~


Poor kids…


and one of the highlights of the camp is the when-you-hear-the-whistle-you-have-to-freeze-if-not-the-evil-facis-will-take-away-your-group’s-paper-money! Because, you get great shots like these…

And I love how everyone laughs when they received the double whistle to un-freeze…LOL


Also on a more positive note, the camp brought me closer to some teachers, and some students~



for the first night, Dzeti and I volunteered to do the watchnight~ Partly because we needed an excuse to be ‘anti-social’ and just have our girly

so, we pitched out tent… among the tents ~


Instead of ending the day at 12am as according to the schedule, due to some great skills of ‘DRAGGING’, we ended at 3 plus in the morning.

The poor kids had only less than 2 hours to rest as their 2nd day activity started as early as 5.30am

Dzeti and I ended not sleeping in the tent.

We were with some kids at the stairs.

I was onlining.

Dzeti taught them how to play … MONOPOLY DEAL!

and I later joined in the craze.

It was kinda the highlight of the camp. For us. And also for those kids. Lol.



What else did we do?


Oh, we went jungle trekking

.. and students had to crawl through mud while the *clears throat* teachers could walk on dry land..

Guess what? This teacher *points at me* decided to be more sporting, and wanted to walk through the mud.

Next thing i know…

I was stuck in the mud.

The rubber shoes that they lent to us were too big for me, hence the mud totally went in and sucked me down.

To free myself, I had to get rid of the shoes…

Now that I’m free, I had to retrieve the shoes by digging them out from the mud.

I had some help. It was indeed a messy affair..LOL


After that, we had a ‘mandi sungai’ session…


I was so tempted to soak myself in the water and go *splash* *splash* *splash*

@_@… Yea you would have guessed it right.That didn’t happened… Coz Dzeti would not ‘layan’ me… huhu..



Oh yeah, one last interesting observation during the camp,

The students’ toiletries were actually confiscated, leaving them with only their necessities…

Well, we returned them their stuff on the last day of course…



-the girls’ items-

..there are perfumes, colognes, make up, body lotions… @_@


and now, you have the guys’ items

see the difference? LOL



To end this entry,

have another look at the TWO ‘TEACHER LUAR’ IN SMK TIP1, GUA MUSANG…

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  1. Pikah permalink
    March 8, 2011 6:32 pm

    camping with a fren looks funnnnn!!!!!

    • March 12, 2011 10:05 pm

      having a friend makes such a huge difference in that camp~~~

  2. March 8, 2011 7:09 pm

    Ooh I love the freeze unfreeze part 😀

    • March 12, 2011 10:06 pm

      i actually thought it was a splendid idea… great way to control the kids when they get out of hand + their responses are

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