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I’m loving it

March 11, 2011

It’s awesome to finally balik kampung, or as dzeti more promptly puts it ‘balik bandar’… LOL…

Now that I look back, wow, it has been one month. As if time flies.

But during the past month, we craved and strived for this day to come. To be back in the comforts of home.

Then, time was being unkind… crawling rather slowly.


One month in Gua Musang, was already good enough to make me appreciate so many simple things in life, so much more.

While a friend of mine commented on my Facebook that Kelantan has indeed put me down.

In fact, on the contrary, the experience has opened my eyes to the many blessings I have easily taken for granted.


It is great to be back!

The absence of Riang-Riang, and their constant annoying buzzings

or even in…

Do I hear an ‘ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww’ LOL


The luxury of hot water shower……………. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh…. pure bliss…


The convenience of doing laundry using the washine machine!!!!!!!


The awesome downloading and streaming speed of Streamyx 😀

Not having to use my broadband at throttle speed just because i exceeded my 5gb with my obsession over Dream High and Glee



Gosh… Eating has become a necessity instead of an enjoyment for me for the past one month… HOW SAD IS THAT WHEN MY ALL TIME FAVOURITE JOB IS TO MEM-BABI????


So yea, I am glad for this well-needed break!

So very berry gladddddddddddddd….

Let me know if you are around in Taiping and keen to meet up 😉

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