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a not-so-reflective post after i lost my self-control for a mini choc bar

March 21, 2011

the school break was just lovely.

So much good food, a few extra pounds, trips to malls, stocking-up-on-more-baju-kurung-quests, great catch ups, meaningful surprises, quality family time…

I even fooled with the thought of not leaving home… for … THE FOX CAVE.

Don’t worry.. even if I wanna lose my senses, my dad would not even give me a teenie chance at it…



But since coming back on Saturday, I HAVE BEEN WORKING NON-STOP… and I have been getting lots of ‘favour requests’…

Dad told me, I should be wise and learn to say ‘NO’.

I am grateful for the many talks with dad… They definitely play a great part in my personal and professional development…



Well, my parents are the awesomest in the world.

They have been blessing me so much, I am getting rather ashamed of myself for not being able to bless them back as much yet.


Now, I am currently equipped with a projector. Courtesy of my awesome parents 🙂


So I have been working on worksheets, grammar programmes, and powerpoint presentations.

Very soon i will start teaching a class of tuition for Form 1, a one-to-one tutoring with a 9 year-old and a becoming a ‘mentor’ for my landlady who is currently pursuing ‘PJJ’.

Oh yeah, the principal just announced that the Form 3 and 5 teachers have to teach tuition after school hours.

I have THREE Form 5 classes.


and I am the Class Teacher as well as the English Teacher for their *coughs* best *coughs* class – 5 Science 1.

*Double Dang*

Lord have mercy and give me the strength that I need…


Other favours include more tuition classes, starting..i repeat..STARTING… a sunday school, and giving free ‘reaching-out’ classes to the Orang Asli…


After praying and discussing with my dad… I do believe I really need to be careful with my priorities.

Right now, my missionfield is my classes.

And probably, I should focus on that first.

Not to be too ambitious, and end up as jack of all trades but master of none.



Lord, I need your wisdom and strength to carry on…

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