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March 22, 2011

Day 3:  A picture of the cast from your favorite show


Since young, I have always have a soft spot for all things musical…
And I was so thrilled when TVs started to show music-related programs, from So You Think You Can Dance to American Idol and so on…

Most of the time, I enjoy the choreography.

Heck, choreography was the thing that got me hooked into the Kpop world.

I love the creativity shown, and I easily find myself appreciating many aspects of the choreo, while thinking of some nice add-ons to it.



As for Glee, I love that the show showcases such a talented group of people.

I LOVE their song covers.

The storyline though, not hitting the home run for me.

It’s entertaining, no doubt. But at the same time the rotation of lovers among the small glee group is SO DAMN RIDICULOUS, and they could still sing together in perfect form even though this Glee guy cheated with that Glee girl because that Glee girl cheated with another Glee guy…

Like I said,


I love Jane Lynch though. Her portrayal of Sue is just brilliant.

The childishness behind the tough front… is somewhat adorable… lol..


Season 2 is becoming ‘more commercialised’ I would say, with their constant covers of Top 40. But hey, I’m not complaining about that. Because honestly, though I may be deemed as ‘shallow’ by the high and righteous music enthusiasts, I do like Billboard Hits.


But we can see that Season 2 is getting bolder with their depiction of gay love, teen’s perversion, and sex issues.

I don’t quite fancy that too.

Come on, do we really need more media sources to ‘glamorise’ sex and cheating among teens?

The casts are playing 16-17 year olds.

I took a double look at the 16-17 year olds I am currently teaching now… They are no way similar to the characters portrayed on the show.



Even so,

this show is my little guilty pleasure.

*breaks off into a song*

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