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My hero, my Kryptonite

March 31, 2011

Day 9: A picture of the person who has gotten you through the most


I’m one of the very very few, who gets 3-4..or maybe more phone calls from my dad in a day. Yea. Even when I am reaching 24.

Some may think it is unusual. Some may be sympathetic of me. Some may chimed in how they enjoy complete ‘freedom’ from their parents.

Well, I admit sometimes I find it a little annoying not-so-convenient, but most of the time, I’m just grateful.

Grateful to my dad for his concerns,

grateful for this special father-daughter bond we have,

grateful for the constant mentoring,

grateful to be reminded every day that I am still his little girl,

and that no matter what happens, I can always count on my daddy.


Besides that, I am sure that he is equally appreciative of me. Because we are quite alike in many ways.

From the good to the bad.

Oh yeah, we are both generous, witty, and super messy.

And we like to do nasty stuff like farting in front of each other, or engage in our many pinching battles. Yes, IT does run in the blood.


My dad likes to think that he knows me very well. Maybe he does, but I do have my secrets.

However, he is someone I don’t mind disclosing my personal concerns because I know he is always eager to listen, to pray for me, and to advise me.

There are times when I do become very dependent on him for guidance and motivation, because a big part of me just wants to stay as a Papa’s girl, sheltering in great security when the adult world turns ugly.


Since young, he has been quite a looker.


News had it that he was quite a flirt too. A pretty good one. Lol.

From childhood dreams of flying planes, to a stint as a pastry chef, to becoming a teacher.

It was an interesting transition for him. And, he was a damn good teacher.


Whatever he became, whenever he was, he never forgot that part of him, and remained a joker.

Some may think he is bipolar. Since he can be really really really fierce, if he has to;

and yet is not afraid to make fun of himself, if he has to.

If you think I am quite a ‘Drama Queen’, wait till you see my dad in action.

I guess my mum fell for those charms of his.


And they were happily married.


Like every married couple, they have their good and bad moments. But every laughter, and argument, only served to make a family stronger, and real. I love them to bits. I really do.

and probably due to the overflowing love, my dad too puffed up.

maybe that wasn’t good enough a reason for why daddy became doraemon-ish kungfu panda-ish so cute.



He is cute, right?


As I grow up, the hugs lessened, and we began to have more matured talks.

Suddenly, i became qualified to comment and advice on daddy-mummy’s issues, brother’s rebellious streak, teaching ideas and national news.

But, we still have those funny moments together.



this is just a little dedication to the one who has gotten me through the most~

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  1. April 2, 2011 3:15 pm

    How sweet!
    I wish I had such a good relationship with my dad too!

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