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Blessing in disguise

April 8, 2011

Life works in the most unpredictable manner.

What you may once hated, becomes what you can’t live without.

Who you may felt disgusted of, becomes your closest confidante.

and for this case,

What I had dreaded, becomes a much-needed breather.


On Monday, we received a phone call to drive down to Kota Bahru the next day itself (3 hours away) for the Kelantan state-level, teachers’ parliamentary debate. No accommodation was arranged for us for the 2 nights, and our clerk told us we were not eligible to claim for our expenses.


We were FURIOUS and pretty much PISSED OFF by the JPN’s inconsideration once again.

They just assumed that everyone is able to leave their mounting duties, and go for a debate competition, without been given time to prepare for the motion. Furthermore, we (Dzeti and I) who got selected are not even Kelantanese, hence seriously we did not even have any tiny bitty passion and determination to do Kelantan proud per say. Plus, the fact that we had to come out with our own money for a trip we didn’t want to, with no compensation whatsover, just added onto the fire.

Then again, it’s about being professional. So I managed to suck it up, and just be grateful that at least I had the company of Dzeti in this.



Now, the tables got turned.

Right before we were about to leave, our principal instructed the CC to give us some pocket money each *amount shall not be disclosed* to ease us in our travel.


Instead of spending money on nearby hotels, we got free accommodation in Dzeti’s friend’s place. A very very nice house, and we had a really nice room, with AIRCOND!


On the first day of the debate, we had a tiny IPBA reunion with Mimi (cohort 4), Kak Zizi (Cohort 3), and Kak Hamidah (Cohort 1). It was refreshing to just chat and catch up and remained in denial of the debate.


And during debate, we lost… with grace… to Jurulatih Utama and Guru Cemerlang of Tanah Merah… Hence, not much In fact, I even chatted with the JU guy and he was just witty and fatherly.

Another observation was, most PPD actually sent senior and eloquent teachers for the debates.

Without a doubt, we were the youngest, most inexperienced, and had NO experience in debate. Such a sure win ay?!


Because we lost, we were FREE TO GO!

Like, we did not have to stay back for next session, or the second day too!!!!!


Thus, we roamed around KB Mall, had another round of Mcdonald’s, did some shopping, drove around KB, did more shopping in MYDIN, had nice meals with the host family, met up with Alia, had more meals etc etc…

We were actually having a blast… on Wednesday – a SCHOOLING DAY!

No lesson plans, no students trying to be funny, no extra clerical work… Just an early head start on our weekends! XD



P/s. We must be too deprived of Mcdonald’s, because we had 3 Mcdonald’s meal, in 3 days.

I’m Lovin It!


pps… I laughed out loud when I saw this…


ok.. a lil zoom…


only found in kelantan 😉

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