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that lil sparkle

April 12, 2011

With my new timetable, I am supposed to dread my Tuesdays… since I have classes till 2.30pm, and a tuition class at 4pm…

But no,

I found that lil sparkle, that made Tuesdays magical in a really beautiful way…

My sparkle, came in the form of a 9 year old girl, the one I am tutoring…


Imagine having this young girl, asking the mum everyday ‘Is it Tuesday already?’

Imagine having this young girl, wearing her best dresses every time she attends my class. (she only has 3 dresses, and the mum told me they are for special occasions like attending a wedding or a party)

Imagine having this young girl, forcing the parents to speak English with her so that she could improve and impress me. (she used to ask me why should chinese learn English)

Imagine having this young girl, at the end of every lesson, excitedly telling her mum how much she enjoyed the lesson, and that she loves English now. (she scored D for her English exam previously and told her mum she hated the subject)


And now imagine, how joyful is the teacher, to be acknowledged and appreciated like this.

In the midst of all sorts of demotivation I am facing now, at least I found, this much needed sparkle 🙂

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  1. dzeti permalink
    April 12, 2011 6:49 pm

    we need these sparkles. more more.

    apparently i find my sparkles in gem like ruby.


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