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the good and the bad

April 13, 2011



phew… glad to have that out…

won’t bore this page with the many things i had to complete in school because running-around-school-like-a-headless-chicken-may-not-seem-interesting-to-many-but-myself-so-lets-spare-everyone-the-torture-and-spare-myself-from-the-meticulous-recount.


the worst part of the day *hands down* would have to be that bloody surprise visit by Aunt Mary and Uncle Cramps!!!!


THEN AGAIN, there were many note-worthy moments and thoughts for today..

For starters, I had been appointed as Head Teacher Advisor for PBSM albeit having no experience in first aid except for my expertise in using the Disney cartoon plasters on cuts to look cool *coughs*.

And tomorrow, the school is having a large scale camp of 3 days 2 nights for the uniform units, that includes explorace, commander crossing, flying fox, marching comp yada yada…

And my platoon leaders came to see me saying that they actually did not have enough uniforms for their marching platoon of 35 members.

Just to give a lil background, PBSM is the biggest uniform group in my school with nearly 300 students… but turned out that they only had 19 set of uniforms… @_@ Students were just too poor/couldn’t be bothered to buy their uniforms.

So, some of the marching members even asked to quit just because they can’t afford / don’t want to cork up money for the uniforms…

My leaders were worried, and I found myself unable to help them as much, as one shirt costs around RM50 and I am poor as it is without my pay…

Then, this group of young girls surprised me… With their own initiative, they went around, home to home, to borrow whatever they could from their seniors, and friends from other schools… They got a belt from one home, a badge and gloves from another, a shirt from the third home and so on… But they still lacked 3 shirts, and many more accessories that amounted to RM885…

Still unwilling to give up and march in such incomplete attire, they went around school, asking teachers to sponsor them some money so that they could purchase what they lack… Of course, this teacher *points at myself* was so touched by their proactiveness and spirit, without hesitation I gave them a 50. Last I heard, they managed to get more than 300 bucks!!!


Next incident revolved around 4A5.

I was assigned to this class because the previous teacher had issues with the class. My old class of 4A1 was robbed off me, and I was quite saddened about it for a while.

So came today and I wanted to teach them QWERTYUIOP because the previous teacher had not covered it for their exams. I borrowed a set of comic strips of that story and went to the class.

To my utmost shock, there were only 4 students, out of 30. the neighboring classes were all in the same situation – no teachers, few students, all left unattended.

They told me it’s normal, that students are not in class seeing that teachers are not.

Though my motivation was shaken, though I thought it would be impossible to teach only those 4, I told them “let’s not waste our time, and start our lesson!” (with malay translation right after of course)

By the end of the lesson, there were 14 students in the classroom, 6 of which are not from the class 🙂

Though they do not even know what is ‘walk’, ‘clock’, ‘seventeen’,

Though they uttered quite a lot of nonsense during the lesson,

Each of the 14 did the work I gave them, and handed them to me (the 6 included)

My personal verdict is, this class is definitely going to be a huge challenge, but I ain’t giving up. Nop, nah uh.


Good things come in threes!

This other student came shyly to me, accompanied by her friends…

“Teacher, my mother go Indonesia. I ask mother buy present to teacher.”



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  1. April 16, 2011 1:10 am

    Nice! You got a present!
    I got a bunch of durians by the way… LOVED THEM!

    Welcome to the teaching profession!

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