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Today is Easter

April 24, 2011

a day of triumph for the Christians, as it marks the resurrection  of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

It is a reminder that death could not withhold our Lord, and through His sacrifice, the veil is torn, our sins cleansed by His blood, and we could have this personal relationship with our loving Father.


I have always loved Easter. And I have always being troubled by the fact that such an important day is so underrated compared to Christmas.

And let’s not go into the commercialism. Come on, bunnies and chocolates? Really? Cadbury your marketing skills are great. Not forgetting how Coca Cola ‘invented’ Santa Claus…


Anyway, this Easter is so much more special.

Not only I was reminded once again of The Lord’s sacrifice for us.

This time, I get to celebrate the new birth of my special one.

He came a long way.

He stumbled on all sorts of trials and obstacles.

He fell, climbed back up, tripped, struggled to get back on his knees and pushed forward.

and now,

He has taken this step of faith.

Cupcake was baptised. On Easter Day. How much more meaningful can it be?





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  1. April 24, 2011 8:09 pm


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