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10 things you should know about Julie Low

May 8, 2011

if you were wondering who the heck is Julie Low..

Well, she is not a celebrity who graces the cover of Pop Magazines or a self-proclaimed star from a reality tv show or someone running for elections.


She is my SUPERSTAR.

My PowerMom.

So, now I’m sacrificing my beauty sleep despite having to wake up at 5 plus tmr morning, and following the bandwagon, to give my mama some limelight 😉


Fact #1

She makes the darnest Nescafe. Like seriously. I could follow her ‘formula’ closely but could never make my Nescafe taste as nice. She just has that magical touch. Lol.


Fact #2

She is the ‘man’ of the family – Having dealt with many cockroaches, frogs, or anything to could get the rest of us cowards including dad all hyped up for nothing.


Fact #3

Since young, she had to play the Bad Cop role. But now, I think she is getting confused and becoming too manja.


Fact #4

She LOVES to tell others that she is my sister.

Ok fine… she definitely looks young… and kiddish…lol

i would still give credit to the faithful black hair dye though.


Fact #5

She is a cancer survivor!

A real inspiration to many, especially me 😀


Fact #6

She can sing! Her all time fav karaoke song would be ‘the moon represents my heart’ lol.


Fact #7

She gets addicted to Powerpoint. No joke.


Fact #8

She’s great in studying. Having been a top student in her schooling days and also in uni.


Fact #9

She’s a talking recipe book, but not a cook. Let’s just leave the cooking to Grandma Maggie….hahahaha


Fact #10

She has lucky dusts in her hands. Somehow she had won quite a few items from Lucky Draws and those supermarket-type-of-contests. I tried to rub some onto myself, but nah.. I’m still a lulu and causing havoc and clumsiness everywhere I go 😦


So there you have, Julie Low, My Mom, My Pride

Happy Mother’s Day~


and all the mothers in the world !

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