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to 小娃娃 ~

May 16, 2011

i practically ran out of ideas on how to top my previous birthday dedications…

i blame it on my rashes or my so-called transformation into a hairless bloated werewolf (inspired by dzeti)…


So as i looked back our pictures,

it just seemed that we came so far… real far…


we are like complete opposites.

you are the… ‘composed’ one


I’m the… errr…



But somehow, we clicked,

we came to know each other, thoroughly,

and made a great amount of memories together…


From looking at makeup like they are poisonous tools, and treating eye-liners like deadly weapons,

To mastering the art of using hair curler,

To wonderful retail therapies,

To going ga-ga over eye candies,

To laughing at silly and personal jokes,

To creating chaos in the kitchen, cooking our first nz meal together,

To embarking on foreign adventures and getting our butts kicked in skiing,

To stupid fights and meaningful reconciliation,

To getting stuck in the bus stop trying to get a cab home from school in the evening,

To being abandoned by a nasty indian cab driver,

We sure came a long looooooong way…

Now that you are so far, in a rather remote place, facing so many difficulties on your own,

I pray that my 小娃娃 will not lose her strong fighting spirit,

and continue to blossom into a very fine lady 🙂

Me Loves Ya.

and Happy Birthday Darling!

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  1. May 17, 2011 5:24 am

    So sssssssssssssssweeeeeeeeeeeeeet! =)

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