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Surprises. Everyday

May 20, 2011

The perks of teaching – it’s never really boring.

Everyday, you will have a handful of kids, challenging your equilibrium of things around you.

Sometimes you snicker, sometimes you just laugh out loud, sometimes you pant for air, sometimes you just wish that you could ignore ethics and humanity and stab them with your pen.

Most of the time, you will just look back, and say ‘omg that didn’t just happen’.


Example 1

(during exams – Form 5 Science)

Student R suddenly stood up and ran to the corner of the classroom, dragged d door and hid behind it.

Me: R! What are you doing?!

R: Teacher, my zip snapped and broke! (in a very loud voice)

Whole class roared.

Me: *smacks head* Ok, pull your shirt as low as you could and come back to your seat!


Example 2

Me: Ok class, let’s look at ….

Student W: Teacher teacher teacher!

Me: Yes..

Student W: Student M quit school!

Me: What? Why? What happened?

Whole class: Teacher she eloped!!!!!! (actually they were all so noisy, fighting over to tell me that in their very own versions)

Student W: Yea teacher, and when I saw her at her home that day, she showed me her love bites.

Student D: She has love bites everywhere!!!! Here, here, here, here, here… (busily pointing at all parts of the face, neck and body)

Me: Mannnn….


Example 3

Me: R! Why are you wearing your shirt frontwards back!

Student R: Teacher, this is fashion.

Me: No. It looks stupid. Go change!


Example 4

(Form 4 Maths exams)

Student X: Teacher, are you engaged?

Me: No. Why?

Student X: Do you have a boyfriend?

Me: Stop asking questions. and answer your Maths.

Student W: Teacher is not answering because she doesn’t have a boyfriend and is shy about it.

Student P: No. Teacher already had 3 kids ok.

Student K: And 4 grandkids!

Me: Yes. and I have had 5 husbands! Stop talking and just do your maths!

Class laughed.

Me: Ok, one more word, I’m taking your paper!

Student G: Teacher, you do realised we are sending in empty answer scripts right.

Student P: Yea teacher, you can collect them now if you want. Then we can finish off with the exams now and continue the discussion about your kids and grandkids!

Whole class roared, and agreed.

Me: Fine, change of rules. One more sound, I’m extending your exam time 15 mins!

*Blissful silence*



Gosh I love this profession.

They keep me young.

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  1. May 20, 2011 11:31 am

    Hey Felicia! Lovely to see you having a great time! Been a while since we’ve been in touch (I think last time was some Bright musical?), anyway are you teaching permanently in Malaysia now?

    Anyway just wanted to leave a note and say, I loved reading this entry, put a smile on my face =D – keep it coming!

    Much love,

    p.s. keep me updated! =)

    • June 8, 2011 6:43 pm

      hey xin yan! such a lovely surprise to hear from ya!
      still looking hot as always 😉

      yup, currently am teaching in malaysia… but who knows what the future holds for me right?
      how about you? still rocking your days with great moves ?

      and here’s a squishy hug from me to u!

  2. dzeti permalink
    May 20, 2011 6:54 pm

    moments like that we can treasure.

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