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i dread reading the news nowadays

June 17, 2011

..not that i was ever an eager morning-paper person to begin with..

but i still get the updates of current happenings, thanks to social networking sites.



I can’t bring myself to follow Malaysian news anymore.

My curious streak ain’t even kicking in for me.

The political scene, the mindless propoganda-that-assumes-the-nation-to-be-complete-idiots, the blatant cover ups, the lack of intellectual discussion, the badly-designed diversion from REAL topics, the ridiculous corruption ‘friends for benefits’…

The news has become a joke.

a HUGE joke.

written in tasteless humour, that could only humour those who were either dumb, or dumb.



Probably the biggest joke.

Its like a desperate attempt to expose an issue instead of having a ‘brilliant concept’ that could address and solve the ‘problem’.

It’s like ..

1. Telling a healthy person that he is sick.

2. Keep emphasising on how sick he is.

3. Lecturing him on what he should not have done to avoid being sick, eg: not being obedient enough to eat up what has been offered to him from the beginning.

4. And not giving him the medicine to cure the sickness.

5. Oh yeah, there is NO SICKNESS to start with.

a concept so ‘brilliant’ that it can’t be followed through completely so as to not affect the interest of some people.

a concept that stands only as a title. nothing more, nothing less.


Take politics and selfish desires aside,

We ARE Malaysians. proud to be one.


We don’t need you to provoke us into believing that we are so racially disintegrated.

We don’t need you to force your stupid ideas on us to play your little games.


As far as I am concern

many of us don’t play the Race Card.

We LOVE, CARE, and SUPPORT each other genuinely.

and to us, that’s all that matters~


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  1. pikah permalink
    June 18, 2011 11:35 am

    the headlines these few months seems like a joke, right? boring political stuff they are desperately trying to cover up, but truthfully, no one really give a damn, and no one wants to know!

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