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catch your breath

June 25, 2011

you’re in for a ride.

on second thoughts, don’t keep your hopes high.


i haven’t been updating my life, as much as i would have wanted to.

but if you have yet lost your interest on catching up with a life of someone not exactly worthy of your attention, feel free to scroll down.

If you have been rolling your eyes so far, this post is not meant for you and may deemed as a challenge to your intellectual capacity.


Oh well, you have been warned.

So where do we even start?


1 month ago

Dzeti and I managed to get 2 days off for our convo. To be precise, 2 days of Cuti Tanpa Rekod. Oh yeah, it was awesome.

we had quite some rendezvous, SOL (singing out loud), realised the car’s air-conditioned stopped functioning suddenly, was literally choked in an unwanted sauna experience, got stopped by a police road block, with the blardy stupid police questioning my race @_@

later, we had quite some girly time, and also met up with Pinks – the forever mastermind of all things weird. Lol.




oh yeah, we showed our love, the avatar-style..whatever that it.


and, dzeti and i continued the errr..bonding session with a spa outing , macdonalds, and also meeting up with the Great Mard…



Then, there was also this refreshing reunion with my fav kiddos – Adam the Gay, and Kok Lian. I strongly believe this phrase that i saw somewhere… ‘Friends, are those though you may not see or contact often, but could pick up effortlessly from where you left when you meet again.’

too bad we did not immortalised such err.. significant reunion with a picture or two. haihz.


And came the day of true nerve wrecks.

Meeting AleX after half a year.

the usual thoughts of ‘would things be the same?’, ‘will he recognise me?’, ‘do i look fat?’, ‘oh my god does he still love me as much?’ came knocking.


But didn’t take me long to realise that those were plain unnecessary.

And I had the time of my life.

Graduating, with my parents, and him, being a part of it.



Having him in Malaysia was wonderful. With most of out outings ‘food-focused’.

There were lots of adult talk, mozarella moments, and we became suckers for romance.. not that we weren’t before. But romance went to a diff level.

For eg:

*very intimate conversation going on*

and he looked at me,

AleX: Ok, listen to me carefully…

and he picked his nose.

So how’s that for romance? Lol.


I too had a brief reunion with Cindy. We put stuff behind us, and we just rekindle what was momentarily lost.

I am so happy for her.

Seeing her taking charge of her life. Seeing her being a fine young lady, who is still fashionably late. Lol.

it’s tough trying to take a picture, of her and with


here’s her workplace, PeeKaBoo… or rather a part of it..

and here’s me, shameless, posing in one of the

and cindy gave me these too…


Sooner than I could remember,

break is over. back to reality. back to gua musang.

Thankfully, the first day in school after the well-needed break, turned out surprisingly pleasant. The students made it a point to ensure me that I was being missed. 😉

However, both the teacher, and the students needed a day or two to get the momentum back to teaching and learning.

That’s a thing about a Kampung School, we are pretty chillax. Lol.


As I was saying, we were still in the holiday mood, and thought why let that go to waste…

So the 4 fantastic gua musang teachers aka Dzeti, Syaz, Sakinah, and I, went on a road trip to Cameron!.

Oh yeah, we even got our Starbucks Frap boost.

It was a great day.



and there you have, what happened thus far, in the insignificant life of Felicia Peh.


Congrats, if you make it this far.

I know it’s tough.

But you made it!

*cue Katy Perry’s Fireworks*

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  1. June 25, 2011 2:08 pm

    Hey, congrats on graduating!
    Plan your future wisely!

  2. dzeti permalink
    June 26, 2011 8:09 pm

    oh ohsem time outside of GM. haha

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