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Life Is Beautiful

July 16, 2011

Apart from going to school, feeding on durians, teaching tuition classes… life in GM has taken quite an interesting turn.

One can say that I finally understood why I was sent here.

And I am glad I made this pit stop in GM.


For the past 2 weeks, I had been working closely with three wonderful bonitas 😉  yup, they are from Mexico!

With a great big heart for the south-east Asians, they traveled near and far, ministering, and discipling, and touching many many lives, all for the glory of the Lord.

And I, had the chance, to try my hands as a translator.

Nervous I was, especially since I’m quite self-conscious of my Malay proficiency.

But to be honest, I was surprised at myself: how God could use me, how He put His words in my mouth.

Never had I been able to speak in Malay so well… The words, the flow, the passion… It was all so new to me. I knew it was because of Him.


Johanna shared on beauty – in the body, soul, and spirit. Her sessions were all very hands-on. I was inspired and impressed.

With relevance to her message, we made bracelets, and we dyed fabrics. Needless to say, when a message is put into application, it gets sealed into our minds 🙂

Letti on the other hand, is a professional stylist, and she helped the Asli girls cut and trim their hair, giving them a new look and confidence. Her job was tough, as the Asli girls had not cut their hair for years, and their hair is really big and frizzy, and some had unpleasant smells. But Letti patiently irons each of their frizzy hair, and give them the cut that they prefer. Sometimes, while Letti does the hair, Johanna and Eli give the girls manicure and pedicure.

Eli, is a powerhouse. Her passion was to serve the Asli girls in Gua Musang. One would be surprised to see and hear a Latina speaking in Malay. And she does that all the time 😉 The girls love her, as she is always more than a friend. To some of them, she is the role model, someone they want to be.







and Letti wanted to give me a hair makeover.

After she gave me a nice trim, she asked whether I had dinner plans. I said no. She asked “not meeting your bf?”. I answered, “He is in NZ. So we have Skype Date instead. She then excitedly said, “OK! We must give you curls!” LOL


And since I have no where else to flaunt the nice big curls she gave me… I shall flaunt it here! *evil laughter*



enough spamming.. teehee.

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  1. July 17, 2011 9:13 pm

    Nice curls & great job with the kids! =)

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