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The mexicano experience

August 11, 2011







I loveeeee eli!
Using her precious tortilas from her hometown – the land of plumpish guys with big hats n curvy moustache lol, she decided to treat me some enchilada (i probably got d spelling wrong) lol

so yea… she worked on a chicken soup (YUM), this green salsa sauce using green tomatoes (i think), replaced sour cream with soft cream cheese (SUPER YUM), and showed me the steps to make the main dish of the day!

The dessert was also a sweet delight. Iced frozen strawberries swimming in condensed milk… heavenly fattening.

And we had a great time! A delightful meal + quality catch up + girly shrieks + powerful testimonies… What can we ask fore more?

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  1. Sabrina permalink
    August 11, 2011 8:14 pm

    glad to see that ur having so much fun felicia :)!!!

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