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girls always win.

September 8, 2011

So we have been together for more than 3 years. It’s a HUGE deal for me, judging by my many short-lived endeavors. And no, i was not a play girl, i just met some wrong guys, and fell in love at the wrong place and time.

the best part about my relationship with Alex is that,

we never carry our fights, or displeasure overnight. It was always, talk – fight – cry – questions – doubts – cry – surrender – apologies – sweet words – cheesiness – jokes – and a battle between who gets to say ‘I love you more’. too much information.

Anyway, we had a round of this last night. But I was glad that we ended with this…

F: this is what i crave now.

F: strawberry shortcake

L: no~

L: don tempt me either

F: it looks so good

F: d cream

F: d short cake

F: d strawberries

L: no no no

L: i m now 73.5kg

L: tomoro 73kg

F: lalala heres d recipe


F: year end is strawberry season ma

F: can this b my special belated anniversary gift?

L: no lol

L: strawberry pickin is january la

F: haiyoooooooooo

F: whyyyyyyyyyyyyy

F: why do this to me

L: n this so complicated

L: why do this to me???

F: it looks so good

F: i hav faith n confidence in u ma

L: shortcake?

L: do u know how this  get its name

F: how

L: u eat it n u become short

F: nooooooo

L: in evey way

L: height short

L: leg short

F: Thats ridiculous

L: tongue short

F: u jz want to escape from this task

L:  used to no need glasses

L: now short sighted

F: enough la lol

F: i wil bear d risk

F: just bake for me lol

L: ho ho ho

F: so thats a yes then

F: i can hv strawbery shortcake

F: yayyyyyyyyy

F: orrrrr

F: u can bake me a ‘i heart summer pie’


L: we’ll c

F: hehe hehe u r d best

F: i can help out in kitchen

F: but i too foresee bein scolded by u in d kitchen

L: best u jst watch me with ur admiring eyes

L: n let me work

(after few minutes)
F: u there? u gone quiet

L: am checking the recipe ma





It’s so awesome to have a man who cooks and bakes!

ps. this is old news. but I HAVE BOUGHT MY TICKETS TO NZ THIS NOV!!!!!!!!

I am super excited, and its mighty awesome to have something like this to look forward to 😉

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  1. September 12, 2011 7:20 am

    Awesome! I wish I could bake too… I guess I’ll have to ask your boyfren to teach me then!

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