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when the dad calls the bf

September 22, 2011


probably that’s what you’re thinking now.

Yup. He does. and He sees no problem with that.

My dad insists to be a good adult figure to alex… and he also says that alex is his friend.

Yes, my dad is cool like that.


anyway, when alex returned to auckland from taiwan, dad called him.

even though i knew my dad called him to complain about me restricting him from calling alex, i decided to ask alex…

Me: (inserts pet name), what did my dad say to you this time?

Him: Oh… nothing much.

Me: Just tell me.

Him: Oh well, he says that we should be together for real fast and make many babies.

LMAO. Yea right. Nice try mister 😛



So, from only treasuring the months we had, to actually celebrating togetherness for 3 years 1 month, and more to come… I find myself falling in love with you again and again.


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  1. September 22, 2011 10:32 pm

    awww..go go go! make many babies!!! 😀

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