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September 23, 2011

this post is inspired from my experience in the past 24 hours

unlike the show 24, mine lacks the political controversies and nature disaster. but it was close enough.

so, what happened was that my celcom broadband was being IMPOSSIBLE.

it basically disconnects every few seconds to minutes.

i repeat.


that drove me nuts.

my bank transfers were at halt several times, i kept filling in detail for registration and had the internet disconnected when i clicked ‘submit’ and later had to reconnect and refill my details AGAIN, and i cant even chat properly with alex on our anniversary!!!!!!




Deep breathe.



Then it made me realise, how dependent we have become on the internet.

Almost as if, we sold our souls to it. Figuratively.

I remember the day of not knowing msn messenger and yet still living.

I remember of not having internet at all during the first 2 years of college life.

How did we survived then? Without facebook, twitter, blogs, emails etc?


Well, we had more pillow talks and face-to-face gossips instead of chatting with my roommates over msn.

We were in ZUMA frenzy, trying to beat each other’s high score.

We watched a lot of downloaded movies together. Illegal of course. But the company was awesome.

We joined activities organised by the college. Mainly to pass time.

And we napped. Blissful afternoon naps.





who am i kidding?

i need it to post this entry for the world to see.


internet, you win.

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