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GM Bonanza

September 28, 2011

Btw, for those who stil did not know, GM is a cooler name we came out with for Gua Musang.

someone*coughs* adam *coughs* lame *coughs* thought i was referring to a hospital when i mentioned GM.

So anyway, this would be a quick run through of the many happenings in the not-so-happening-but-we-make-do-of-it-the-best-we-can GM!!!


The chinese community here celebrate Mid Autumn Festival, through lantern making competition.

They take lantern making very seriously. Like. Very seriously.

Too bad im too cheap to upgrade my wordpress so I can’t post videos here, but you be surprise by how ‘canggih’ the lanterns are as they can spin n move.





The Chang family actually won the 1st, 3rd and 4th prize for their lanterns.. raking in a total of RM400!!! Bazingaa!


We too had the compulsory mooncake + tea night. But for the families here, they take it to the next level. We had dinner, outdoors – so that we can see the moon clearer.




And there was also a huge singing competition, organised by the MCA here.

My oh my were they serious about singing!

Turns out quite a number of the chinese folks here travel everywhere to enter singing contests. They have a lot of fancy costumes that cost a bomb, they styled up in saloons for that night, and some can really belt it out!

No kidding. See for yourself



Did i mention that they are all above 50???

It was a very fascinating experience for me, to see the uncle in the photostat shop, the chicken rice seller, the newspaper vendor etc all so dolled up, and so fired up on stage =D


What else?

Ok… I had my share of Felicia days on Fridays. Love how i have been getting both days of my weekends since July. Kampung schools are awesome like that.

what better way to start off a lazy day with cereals and milk? followed by lots and lots of Korean Drama. hehehe..


oh yeah, it was exam period too…

and surprise surprise… the students kept trying to cheat throughout the exams @_@

and you get such old school ones. They really need to notch up their skills. lol.


What do you get…

When you cooked the rice with like tonnes of different herbs


a lot of raw vegetables, and special coconut+fish shavings, and a lot of other condiments?


very very very awesome Siamese-styled Nasi Kerabu!!!

Oh yeahhhh.. it was surprisingly orgasmic!


and of course, there were many hangouts with the GM crew yo~



@ Yoyo Snow House, the latest luxury addition to this small town 🙂


and we had a busy afternoon of decorating cupcakes, again… for a group of Kindy kids~



last but not least,

I shall end this post with some cam-whoring pics!

Brace yourself!


Teacher Lulu

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  1. September 30, 2011 11:20 pm

    not bad! had a taste of nasi putih+budu+ulam+ikan goreng yet?

    • October 1, 2011 9:36 am

      of coz! lol.. i actually like budu, taste pretty alright to me, so never quite understand the fuss over it tho lol

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