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Three CHEERS to Friendship!

September 30, 2011

I was showering, and i had a brilliant idea.

It was brilliant to me alright. and since i had that idea when i was showering, thus it must be brilliant.

Anyway, since this like the mostest favouritest day of my week – Lazy Friday, i had quite some free time on my hand. And i just spent hours being UNPRODUCTIVE. SUPER AWESOMESAUCE!

Then, i went for my shower. Have i mentioned that already?

Ok. So when i was showering, i was thinking about life. Suddenly so serious pulak.

Well, i WAS thinking about life, but mainly about people who have walked in and out or remained in my life.

Then it dawned to me, I AM AWFUL IN KEEPING CONTACT. Wasn’t exactly a new news to me, and i did try several times to be more verbally or physically concerned but somehow, i kinda assume that they would be just there.

And i kinda accepted the fact that, people grow, and the gap grows too. We just move on, enter new chapters, create new friendships; and all we have left are memories. bitter-sweet.

So, i decided to be real random for this post. I went to facebook, and started typing A-Z in my friends list. From each letter, i selected a friend, that i felt i needed to say something to. So if you find your name in this list, I just wanna tell you that ‘friend, i miss you.’


Adam Jay,

It was kinda nice chatting with ya the other day. I realised you have grown. Have i told you that you are super talented? Can’t believe the boy who cheers me up with crappy cantonese movies and super lame jokes, a great ‘sister’ and an awesome crapper, is becoming the young lad with huge dreams and visions! though im always mean and sarcastic to you, im actually pretty psyched for you!



You are like the nicest man on earth! I remember how you relentlessly became our driver during BFM 2 days, and you are like super super nice la. I saw your fb pics the other day~ seem like you found someone super super nice too! am so happy for you! will be heading to auckland this year end, we really should meet up!



How can this post be complete without one of my fav BBs? hehehe… Though you are the youngest among us, you soar in height and in maturity (most of the time). And even though we very meanly teased you as being the boring one, but we do need you to tame our wildness from time to time. That’s why we are a perfect and unique match! I miss ya, and our *ehem* comparing sessions.. LOL



As you have put it, you are my hero in Gua Musang. Lol. No joke. Im dependent on you. In less than a year, we had so many intimate moments its kinda scary and funny wtf. You know I love you, do you? 😉


Eng Wei,

I guess i probably owe you like the biggest apology. I have been quite a horrible friend. You, Lynette, and i used to be like the tightest musketeers, and i’m awfully sorry for being so out of touch. Will treat you something nice when i get back to good old taiping 🙂



I will always remember you as the first person who drew eye liner for me! You were our great stylist and you are always oozing with power. Serious. Your aura is really captivating!


Gorgeous Eva (ok i cheat a bit with the lettering lol)

My TWIN! hehehehe… Foundation years were awesome because of you. I love how we worked so well together. Somehow our brains clicked together well, and completed each other’s lacking. I love you and I love that you found the love of your life ~



Thanks for being in ESOL 200, and being so handsome and sweet. You made my heart flutter like a young school girl with a huge crush. And the funny thing is, i told you that and you took it coolly. LOL.



We got to know each other more during BFM days.. You were a great support for being a great sport too. I never told you how thankful i was to have you in the team, coz your commitment kept me sane and motivated 🙂 Love ya Atie


Jie Hui,

I think you are sweet, fun, and talented. Your fire and enthusiasm are very contagious and I regret not having to know you earlier but towards the end of my stay in NZ. Wishing you all the best girl!


Kok Lian,

Hmmm.. what should i say about this kiddo? We had good times and you have always been a great friend. I appreciate how we still have such mutual trust and support as friends and i really wish you nothing less than happiness. And you have grown a lil too tall. LOL. You make me feel short standing beside you, which is horribly unacceptable lol.



My pretty siaopo! We used to be really fun and crazy in high school. We should continue be fun and crazy together. You are on the top of my list to get in contact with when i get back and congratulations on your new job too!!! ps. you are forever gorgeous.



We were a great team together coz you layan-ed my silly antics. I still lol-ed at out pictures. Boy we were drama queens. Happy for you that you finally became a mother – YOUR DREAM JOB lol. Im sure the baby would grow up beautifully with you 🙂



Our baby girl. hehehehe… I could still remember how you were teary when we first saw you in that shitty hostel of ours lol. Nadiah i miss you! Please don’t get any skinnier coz i want you to be more huggable when i see you next time!


Osorio, Eli

Eli eli eli, who doesnt know eli in Gua Musang? hehehehe… My first mexican chica, a lovely lady and friend 🙂 You are a great blessing and your presence alone lifts up the atmosphere of the whole place =D I love our mini hangouts, pillow talks, and I LOVE YOU COOKING ME MEXICAN FOOD! hehehe


Poh Lin,

My forever cilipadi. I think i have written so many dedications to you i don’t even know what else to write LMAO. Its funny how we are so different in our personalities and yet we managed to survive each other for so long, but i wouldn’t want it the other way LOL. Brace yourself for more Starbucks Hot Choc sessions when i’m back 😉


Quirky Pinky,

Life without you is a huge snooze. Woman, you are amazing! Though you always doubted yourself whether you are cut out for the teaching job, I always felt that anyone who get the chance to be taught by you should be thanking their ancestors. (figuratively speaking). We need to do more evil projects together coz together we rule the world! Huahuahuahuahohohoho…



Or rather Shin Looi… Funny how fate has it. We had a short teenhood together before you left for KL, but our friendship remains 😉 i remembered how upset you were when i left for NZ without saying a word or having a farewell. Now, im just excited to attend your wedding. You will be a beautiful bride. You have always been beautiful!


Sze Wei,

We had such a short and hasty meeting during our convocation. Never really get to catch up with you well. how have you been? We went through so much together, and i still owe you a trip to Taiping. That offer remains open to you k woman =)  ps. i really like the pic of us fishing~


Teh, Cindy

Cindy, you introduced me to ‘spontaneity’. I love how you were so random when we met in Auckland, and how easily you mingle around and make people feel at ease. But girl, you tend to put up a tough front and fight a lot of complicated battles by yourself. I sincerely hope you find joy, and can let him handle your battles with you, side by side 🙂


Uber-cute Kelsey

The little girl who is definitely wise beyond her years. hehehe… From the start, you were my sister, and you will always be the sister i never had~ Unni will protect you when you need me! And this girl with a little frame, is a great force to be reckon with. I know you be doing great things!



I’m grateful to have you part of my life. And i like how we parted well, and remained friends – friends who we could still talk to when things get ugly. But we haven’t caught up lately and I do wonder how’s working life for you. Hope all is well for you my friend 🙂



Weeeeeeeeerahhhhhhhhhh! You and I, practically survived the early days of Auckland together! We entertained each other with our silliness, we burned down the kitchen, we checked out guys, and we even went to our first ‘clubbing’ experience together. Now you are so far away, but more awesomeness will resume when the BBs are reunited! Hugs!


X-cited Syaz

LOL… Syaz is like synonymous with ‘excitement’. You are always chirpy and hyper with your plans and ideas. From being roomies, and now being the GM crew together, thanks for your craziness and energy! I really like our midnight e-shopping and watching the korean gag show. LOL


Yogi bear (Shogi)

My african lover! lol.. has been a while since i called you that! You were a great listener, and a fun one too.  I remember thinking who is this tall, lanky, indian guy who is such a show off.. Lol.. turned out, you have every reasons to be a show off coz you are oozing with awesomeness! Miss talking to you my friend 🙂


Zeeeee Jun Bin (im cheating the lettering system a lot i know lol)

You are an inspiration. And im thankful to you for your dreams, which enabled me to be a part of BFM! Your passion towards what you were doing, your help with my CD, and you being a great leader and friend, actually helps me to be a better person. I really hope to see you again 😉




Now my neck aches after seating down for so long… *failed*

6 Comments leave one →
  1. Eva permalink
    September 30, 2011 6:49 pm

    touched.. thanks Felicia!!! you are superb and so very talented!!!

    • October 1, 2011 9:37 am

      eeeee vahhhhhh… *wall-e mode*… we rocked NL together yo! hehehe

  2. dzeti permalink
    September 30, 2011 7:40 pm

    i know you do!!!

  3. cindy teh permalink
    September 30, 2011 10:31 pm

    haha spontaneous uh? eh i went fishing with you too k! why no mention? sadness =:::::::( dont you like the photo we took together too? =:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: (

    • October 1, 2011 9:42 am

      lol… its diff ok.. that fishin pic of szewei and i actually looks really sunny n good ok.. n ur hotness overpowers me, so i look crap in our pictures.. love ya babe

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