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once forgotten

October 3, 2011

facebook reorganisation turned out even more tiring than i expected. @_@

all in all,

i unfriended 17 people,

tighten privacy settings,

deleted 24 photo albums,


removed the tags for pictures that i looked ugly in. obviously those were photos of me, tagged by others.


when i was going through the ‘photos of me’, i realised there were actually quite a number of pictures, i never seen before.

while i was horrified by some, i was pleasantly surprised by others too.

brought back some good memories, and i found myself chucking and giggling alone in my room, on a Saturday.

ok. somehow that sounds very #foreveralone. lol.

so just wanna share some pics i found, which i later meituxiuxiu-ed 😉










when i showed Alex this picture..

‘you looked like u worked in a bad place.’

‘damn you’

‘just tellin you the truth’

*gerammmm coz he was right. lol*


totally missing the days in NZ. extremely excited to make this short trip back!

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  1. October 3, 2011 9:01 pm

    Enjoy NZ for the rest of us!

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