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when you lose something

October 9, 2011

that’s when you learn to treasure it.

so very true…


Around 7pm today, I was eating my yucky tomyum-flavoured Zinger Burger *KFC-CAN-U-LIKE-JUST-STICK-WITH-UR-HOT-&-SPICY-&-NOT-TRY-TO-BE-FUNNY-BY-DOING-TOMYUM-FLAVOR-WHEN-NO-ONE-REALLY-LIKES-IT!!!* while watching The Polar Express…

and suddenly..


Pitch darkness. The fan stopped.


I was actually kinda scared.. The Polar Express was still playing… It was storming heavily outside… I was freaking alone in the whole house…

The only light came from the movie…

I plugged in my tiny Sonicgear speakers, and blasted the show.

Because the rain was so awful, the wind about to tear down the place *hyperbole*,

I actually started to have really bad thoughts…

So I prayed. Silently.

Looking at the movie, it still has an hour plus to go. So I was thinking to myself, worse come to worse, once the show ends, i will just head to bed..and force myself to sleep.. at 8.30pm… @_@


But thank God…

After 20 plus minutes what seemed forever,


I was so thankful that immediately I knelt down, and said a prayer of thanks to God.

It actually felt as if .. I lost something, but now I found.


And it helped me to realise,

though there’s no McD here,

though my internet is not stable,

though there’s no place to shop,

the fact that I’m in a place with electricity is worth being thankful for.

It’s so very easy to complain and moan,

But extremely hard to be in the heart of thanksgiving..

To reflect and count our little blessings,

Instead, we take things for granted.


And today,

I learned,

To be more thankful.

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  1. October 9, 2011 11:29 pm

    Nice. =)

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