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Just to cheer me up

October 12, 2011

So my previous post was about my mood shift, and how i was kinda down.

the next morning, i woke up to 3 emails from the BF.

First one was a funny pic from 9gag.

Second was a bible verse.

Third was, a genius effort from him.. that made me laugh till no end.

Email title?











Such a sweeeeeeeeeeet dork okay~~~


When i got back from school and lunch, it was already 9pm his time (NZ),

As usual we skyped before he calls it a day… So i asked him, why did he send me the emails…

He said, coz he knew i was feeling down, so he wanted me to start off my day happy… and he wanted to remind me that, ‘all i need is him’…



I love how he is getting more and more romantic and cheeky by the day.

I think i found a new definition for LDR

Lasting-Driven, Relationship

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