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October 18, 2011

i love reading and hearing about testimonies,

about miracles in rallies,

people getting healed, the crippled walked, the tumour gone, the demons cast out…

those were uplifting and encouraging


they happened to others, not me. at least i haven’t experienced it yet. i think.

Prayers, everyone said that it is important.

Prayers, are our medium of communication with God. Not that He doesn’t know our needs, but He wants us to seek Him personally.

He gave us a choice. To ask or not to.

But many times, we pray as if we are trying our luck.

Just maybe, God will do something about it.

And if not, I guess I just have to find other ways to deal with it.

And I, am guilty as charged.

But all these changed for me, on the 16th of October 2011.


Pastor Ezekiel and Pastor Aurora were away for a mission trip in Thailand and only got back on the 16th, so they asked me to lead in worship, and Eli to share the message.

Seemed to be a normal Sunday evening. Well we thought wrong.

In Gua Musang, there is always a spiritual warfare going on. Persecution and constantly getting our Faith challenged, has become very common. And on that Sunday night, it just seemed that everything decided to be against us.

Firstly, some regulars did not turn up, some invited guests decided not to show up, and in the end, there were only 6 of us left.

Though the number was small, but quantity was never an issue when our intention to worship God is real, so we decided to just carry on.

And Lo and Behold,

out of nowhere


It was around 8pm, we were the only lit up building on that street, and bees just came swarming into our church.

I’m not talking about a few… It was like a whole colony or something.

We panicked. We turned off all the lights. The pastor hurriedly got an insect spray and started spraying at the bees.

BUT THE BUZZING GOT LOUDER. It seemed like we had aggravated them, and more were coming.

We struggled to shut all the windows in darkness. We were in a state of panic.


Pastor Aurora broke the battle of our inner thoughts and said, ‘let’s stop what we are doing. And let’s pray.’

Though it sounded kinda out of the blue in that urgent situation, but it did struck me hard. Here we are, worrying and trying to solve things with our own human understanding; while we had been professing our faith in God.

And so, we stopped. We started praying. We prayed like we meant it. We walked around the premise, praying for God’s protection, rebuking the bees and evil forces that were trying to stop us from worshiping. Then we turned on the light, started to collect the bees that fell to the ground, and I just lead us into worship.

We sang..

Our God, is an awesome God,

He reigns, from Heaven above,

With wisdom, power and love,

Our God is an awesome God.

We repeated the song, going louder and stronger as we sing.

And by the time we finished singing that song… the bees were gone.

There were no more buzzing at the windows and the door.

Leaving only a handful on the carpet, that were struggling to stay alive after being sprayed.

To me,

It was quite an experience.

For I experienced the power of prayer and praise.

It is not just a psychological, comforting action; but PRAYER is indeed a weapon, to shelter us from harm, and to guide us through our lives.


So to all my friends,

when God does not seem real to you, or when you feel He was just never there or listening,

I urge you to never stop praying.

Be persistent.

Overcome your fear and fight through the tests.

For He just wants to work through you, and guides you to fulfill your purposes in life.


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