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The red punjabi suit.

October 22, 2011


Ok.. Now that i have gotten a hang of it, it’s not too bad after all. But entering a class for 3 periods at once initially was plain exhausting. While teachers of other subjects gladly used that 1 1/2 hour to let students do Trial Papers from other states, and they just ‘supervised’; I couldn’t. Firstly because I’m teaching English, a subject where they need A LOT, let me emphasised again.. A LOOOOOOOOOOT of guidance and input. So i find myself with a really sore throat after those 3 periods. What makes it worst is when I have two ‘3 periods lesson’ straight, making it 6 periods of talking and explaining and physical demonstration (seriously my dramatisation has become a trademark of mine in my teaching) T______T


As all teachers (new and old alike) dreaded being assigned to ‘exam classes’ – Standard 6, Form 3 and 5; nothing beats being the newest teacher, assigned three Form 5 classes, and held responsible for the school’s two ‘ELITE’ classes. With SPM in less than 3 weeks, and only 2 weeks of teaching days, the whole school is in a frenzy. And I have also become one of the biggest victim T___________T

As Class Teacher of 5S1, I had to handle the registration of SPM for my class, and that alone is already a HUGE responsibility. I’m a newbie okay. I don’t know practically about everything! So yea, I thank God for really THICK-SKIN, as I had been entering the school office and meeting teachers many many times in a day to get information on how to get those paperwork done. So apart from being responsible to transformed several C+ students to miraculously get A- for their SPM, being asked to teach two Night Classes to further prepare the students, being reassigned a class of students with G1 (potential to pass) and told specifically to get them all to PASS the English exam——– I have to also do all sorts of clerical work, that even required me to get students to stamp their thumb prints.

One word, BUSY. Oh yes, I am actually really exhausted these few days.

Then, I got back to my table, and saw this..

I thought some teacher’s kids must have misplaced it or something.

Then Kak Fatihah told me it was left by my students.

Lo and behold, inside this Lexus packaging was..

so sweet okaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy… So unexpected… and super sweeeet…


That cheered me up a WHOLE lot!


I do love this bunch of kids~ They make my day, all the time 🙂

(pic taken and edited by my very talented student – Diyana, she has a very impressive collection of photos and she does a photography blog for moslem girls. If I knew they would drag me out for photos that day, I would have worn something nicer. Lol.)


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  1. October 28, 2011 6:16 pm

    WELL DONE!!! =)
    Looks like you’re getting the workload expected of an overseas graduate.
    Remember you are a class above the local teachers but don’t lose your head because you are paid just as much as they are.
    I’m sure you’re doing your best & your students see your efforts. =)

    p/s: In the 3 period classes perhaps you could do something more student centred to give your tired vocal chords a rest?

    • October 29, 2011 10:21 pm

      thanks jik kam for the encouragement 🙂
      wanted to do student-centered activities..problem is, they have been trained to ask a lot in class…and many have become even more attention seeking lol.. so yea, they drain me up pretty often.
      seems like u r still holding up strong at your fort in kapit~ keep goin strong!

      • October 29, 2011 11:08 pm

        Girl, I am as strong as a bull! Will take A NUKE to break me.

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