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Happenings in a ‘Happening’ Place~

October 29, 2011

I shall start this post with …


ok.. vanity dose fulfilled.

So where am i?

Oh yeah..

Bear with me as I sort of recap my days here in the ever ‘happening’ Gua Musang~ Where things come alive, when we try hard to. Lol.


It was the season for Jamuan Kelas, and 5A5 kick started the bandwagon. Too bad I had a very packed teaching day and could not make it to their class party. I later found out that other teachers actually ‘skipped’ their classes to feast at that class. Hmmm…

But the students were so nice, they actually ‘ta pao’ some chicken rice for me, and also gave me this lil gift. That was also the first time I see so many turnouts in 5A5..Lol.. Seems like those who were usually MIA can’t resist a jamuan afterall.


And I was also invited to this flamboyant retirement dinner of the Vice-Head Master of SJK(c) Gua Musang. It was such a grand affair because he served the school for more than 30 years, and never left the school since his first posting. Basically they had like a 8-course dinner, and the students of the school did a line up of elaborate performances from traditional chinese dance to comedy to singing performances.\

I was very impressed with the performances actually. They were dead serious about their performances. Imagine students singing ‘Under The Sea’, dressed in mermaid-ish costumes, and having other students holding backdrops of sea and fishes. Very impressed.


My lil sis here in GM, Shao Jun was also singing that day..

Her beautiful rendition of Tian Mi Mi was very refreshing to many 🙂 Pretty proud of her


Oh yeah, I wore the sweet polka dot dress I bought on my last trip with Dzeti… One of the very rare occasions when I can actually wear a dress here.. huhu…


Ok.. what else happened?

I probably saved the post on my great ‘class party’ day for another entry..

Before I end this post abruptly as I always do..

a biggie shout out to Syaza~~~

It was a crazy busy day, with school and night class, and i even missed out on the Bayu Lenang trip with you girls,

But we were glad that we manage to ‘surprise’ you on that day 😛

May you be blessed with lots and lots of happiness…

And may I be invited to your red and white wedding 😉

I’m sorry for being mean and ruining a lot of your fantasies..kakakaka… with you know.. ‘HO. Ho. ho.’, but I do hope that your wedding will be beautiful, and magical if i may add to it.

Your gift is very much with me now, so feel free to claim from me 😉


ps. i look horrible in this pic. and no. this is not a lame attempt to fish for consolation or compliments. but im still putting up this pic coz this is the only ‘complete’ shot we took that night. probably next time, im gona try to squeeze behind too to look ‘smaller’. lol


Ok. Since the previous pic wasnt very flattering…

I shall end with this one instead – our little luxury in Gua Musang


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