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the melting pot

November 16, 2011

of all places in the world,

i was placed in this little place called Gua Musang.

Probably unheard of from the outside world.

I had people asking me whether there are tigers and whether people still live in caves @_@

Well, as I am about to enter the last day of school for this year – which also marks my successful reign as an English teacher in Kelantan, I will just pen down some thoughts about this year.


This year, has been more than INTERESTING. For those who actually read my password protected post, you probably had a better idea of what I went through; for those who did not, well I hoped this blog of mine somehow brought you along my journey 🙂


After all the shock of not getting the transfer, encountering awkward moments in the school and also with the teachers since the rumours were so great that my name was dropped from next year positions in different departments… I now look back and see the things I have achieved here, and what I could do even more next year.


I have to give credits to my favourite chica, Eli Osorio though.. She invited me over for some pretty awesome Quesadillas and we had a lovely time of catching up and also talking about our visions for the coming year. The word that struck me most from our conversation was ‘CONTINUITY’. Both of us do not want to be just a ‘seasonal’ thing or a ‘hit and run’ impact in this town. We both believe that God will use us greatly, in different ways, to have a continuity here. If we were to leave this place, we would have imparted what is necessary for someone to carry on or follow up our ministry here. Anyway, I am really really happy that we will both be a team again next year 😀

a little digress here, but imma gonna shower this blog with pictures from our lovely lunch..hohoho 😉

Hi everyone, this is ELI. She is really hard at work making the guacamole… and the avocado came as far as


Pan-frying the newly-made tortillas


ze complete meal…


just look at the GOOEY chunk of cheese~~ YUMS


and you have the TWO happy girls 🙂



I’m also starting to build bonds and relationships with the community here, and I probably could guess 65% of the kelate dialect by now. That itself is a HUGE improvement for me, though I admit I still space-out when they speak too fast. One thing I could never get used to is how sweet their food is. Everything is like flooded with sugar *grims*


As for the church I’m helping now, there’s so much need, which I believe I could contribute and serve in. I love how I could be a blessing to the missionaries who come to Gua Musang, and I love meeting all these wonderful people with HUGE faith, going to the ends of the world, leaving their comfort zones, to reach out to people. I probably get to know more people from other parts of the world here than in the big busy city of KL. So far, we had teams from different parts of the United States, Mexico, Singapore, and also local missionaries. I half-blamed myself for not taking pictures with most of them, but a little pat for myself as I remembered to take pictures with the team from Louisiana. They all came with powerful testimonies, infectious faith, and big hugs. lol.

with the Asli girls at the Presby Church.


Picture taken in His Sanctuary. And Malaysians don’t ‘roll’ without more food, so we headed off to SUPPER.

Food and Fellowship = Happy bunch of people.

I was also super happy that night because Kevin, the 38 year old proud papa of 3 kids (18, 10, and 5) thought that I was 19!!!!!!!! *jumps of joy*



In terms of school, my life has been very well enriched by my students. Most of them are respectful of teachers, and they showered me with love, aurally. Lol.

I may have started off my teaching journey being ambitious and all, but I am glad that they appreciate my unconventional methods. And I am grateful to have them to ‘trial and error’ with because they are so patient with me, and willing to experiment with me. I guess it is also a comforting thought to know that at least I do not have to start everything from scratch again next year, as I had gotten to know a lot of students, teachers, and staffs in the school. Who knows there might be new young teachers coming in next year, whom I may bully mentor too 😛



God will honour those who honour Him. And as I allow myself to be used and moulded by Him to serve His people, I too hope that He will see my heart’s desire and opened the doors for me to achieve that. As we are surrounded by uncertainty, I choose to trust in Him – that He will bless my relationship with Alex too, provide us with our needs, and help us move towards a life together, partnering in life and also in His service.

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  1. November 16, 2011 8:56 pm

    hello … I was very happy to read this space, and gives me more pleasure, have met 2 great women who are dedicated to serving the community, I am proud to say my countrywoman ely Osorio and I am very proud and happy have known, I do not tire of saying you’re a great example ely .. love them very much ..

    • November 16, 2011 9:04 pm

      Leti, so niceee to see you commenting here 🙂 and i MISS youuuuu~

      • November 16, 2011 9:18 pm

        felicia, i miss you too darling..!! send u big hug and a kiss..!!!

  2. November 21, 2011 11:31 pm

    I guess God’s not done with you in Kelate yet! =D

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