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December 23, 2011

saw this on facebook the other day – “There’s something about TOGETHERNESS that makes it perfect”

I thought that was beautiful.


Today marks the 3rd day I’m back in Malaysia, but only my first morning at home. Had a lot of travelling in between, and was kindly hosted by a dear friend of mine – Cindy.

Forgiveness and friendship are such powerful entities that they are able to make us look back at the past, laugh over it, and just move forward stronger. It is amazing how we may lost contact for a year or two, had an unpleasant fit, or became mutual ‘unwritten but understood’ enemies: But when one side decides to humbly apologise or break the ice, and all is good.


Ok, that was kinda a detour from what I wanted to blog about lol.


So back to the topic, TOGETHERNESS.

It is hard to take on the burdens of life alone, and it helps to have someone to share it and walk alongside you. And I am extremely thankful to the Lord, for surrounding me with angels – my family, my friends, and my fiance. I would not be able to imagine a life without them, as my journey has been so colourful and purposeful just because they are there.

It is true that friendships can be quite seasonal – you meet different people, develop relationships at different stages of your life, but they all leave something in you, that ingrains within us, and defines who and what we are today.


When I was back in New Zealand after a long 2 years absence, I made it a point, to meet up with those who meant a lot to me. Those years in New Zealand was my biggest training ground. I was hurt, deserted, got up, fought, learned, pushed through, fell in love, fell out of love, made friends, lost friends, betrayed, being trusted and acknowledged, succeeded, made mistakes, fell in love again, being loved, fell a couple of times etc etc etc. There were some really good times and also traumatic memories, but looking back, I am so glad at how far i have come and grown through them, but would have not being able to do so without the help of some of these beautiful people…

with Ann, the founder and project leader of MATES. A good mentor and a friend I respect a lot.


Linaaaa, the ever bubbly girl and definitely one of the easiest to talk to type of person! Alex and I love Lina’s straightforwardness and genuineness. She is also as Lulu as me in a lot of ways, but that only makes her even more adorable! *coughs.. hints… luluness is adorbs.. coughs*


Also managed to meet up with Lilly, a very mysterious friend of mine I would say. Lol… She knows what she wants, is very independent, and stands on her beliefs. Living together in Mt Terrace last time actually brought us – two very different individuals together yet we were able to clicked well and had some of our own funs 😉


Last but not least, there was Sheryll! My 3rd mum aka NZ Mum. She is the most capable person I have ever met, having to juggle so many responsibilities yet managed to coordinate our studies and extra-curricular activities in New Zealand, while supervising our lives and keeping us in check. She is someone who does not take any nonsense or bullshit excuses, and pushes us to THINK and take control of our situations. She has just the loveliest HUG ever, melting us in her squishy embrace with a bundle of warmth and joy.



There were so many that I was unable to meet up with as many were gone for the summer break or are currently based out of Auckland or even in different countries. Even so, I would just like to take this opportunity on this personal space of mine, to thank each and everyone of you who helped me grow into a better person…

Thank you. To you. And to you 🙂

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