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Party Rock Anthem!

December 30, 2011

or maybe not.


2 more days to go, as this year comes to a close.

Phewww… what a ride it was.

It all started with the anxiety surrounding our posting to experiencing unemployment for the month of January, me refused to be unproductive at home and with the help of my parents, sent in my resume to the PPD, and finally through my mum’s help, getting a replacement teacher job in her primary school.


ok.. somehow narrating what happened in my life can be rather lengthy, so imma change this up a lil and put things in points.


1. In 1 month, I taught students as young as pre-schoolers to juniors and to teenagers! If you are interested, you could read more from HERE 🙂

2. After lots of guessing games and uncertainty, I received the news that I would be teaching in K to the E to the LAN and TAN uo’lls! My afterthoughts? Read HERE~

3. It was all about accepting, coping, and making the best of my situation in Gua Musang~

4. Finding my balance and stand in teaching, and falling in love with the quirks of my students ❤

5. Surviving in my LDR while battling with my unstable celcom BURUKband!

6. Juggling many responsibilities in school and also tuition classes.

7. Getting involved in more Christian Ministry and helping out in translation 🙂

8. Experiencing persecution for my faith and fighting a battle while trusting in God.

9. Was ‘promised’ transfer back to Perak but later found out ‘permohonan tidak diluluskan’, which was also a shock to many in the school. *coughs*

10. Accepted the fact that my purpose is not finished yet in Gua Musang and started anticipating what I could do more in the year of 2012.

11. Saved a huge amount of money and bought my non-flexible tickets to AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND!

12. Being thrown with a lot of paperwork and responsibilities to prepare my Form 5 students especially the target students in my 5S1 and 5A1 for SPM @_@

13. Despite being asked to drill my students all the time, I managed to persuade them that there’s more to life and English than what’s confined in the 1119 papers. So together we came out with an English class magazine, fully-coloured! *I IS PROUDZ*

14. Going back home for the year end holidays!!!!! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

15. Had a great reunion with the BBs in KL, while getting all serious in really serious life talk in Tony Roma’s lol

16. Flew alone for the first time, across 9000km to the other part of the world.

17. Had the best time with the best guy and good friends in good ol’ New Zealand for 25 days.

18. He proposed and I said ‘yes’!!!!!!!

19. Having to leave NZ before Christmas, and celebrated Christmas with my family in Taiping~



20. Spending a lot of quality time with my parents, who are getting older by the day.



2011 has been a great year for me. A lot of firsts, a lot of trials, a lot of surprises, a lot of blessings.



despite all the ‘end of the world’ theories or Mayan prophesies,

despite all the unknown possibilities,

I still want to welcome you, embrace the present, and treasure the moment!


Lord, I thank thee for another new day, to see the needs of others, to seek you, to love and be grateful.



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