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I believe I can fly

January 4, 2012

My regular routine thus far (4 days to be exact):

5.50am: Wake up, get ready for school

7.15am: Reach school and fight with the teachers to punch my card @_@

7.30am: Conduct discipleship with my Christian students

then school hours plus meetings

3.30pm: Reached home, showered, and started chatting with Alex and friends, stalking people on facebook, blogs and twitter, doing intelligent browsing like ‘how to get rid of love handles’ etc

5.30pm: EXERCISE. ZUMBA flat abs workout.

6.30pm: Goodnight call with Alex (he is 5 hours ahead of the Malaysian time T___T)

Then dinner. As in green apple and orange. No more food after 6.45pm.


So, basically the point of this entry is to share one of my new year resolution: which is to shed 4 nasty kg of fats, accumulated by my excessive indulgence during the break T___T

I’m surprised that I’m getting used to 20 mins Zumba everyday and my stricter diet. HOPEFULLY, this is not another hot hot chicken shit thing from me again and I could slowly upped my exercise regime.

At the very least, I want to try to keep this up for 3 months. AT LEAST.


So why the sudden need of such determination?

I guess I had enough of me whining about getting on a diet or wanting to slim down miraculously, and not doing about it. Most importantly, I want to stop feeling fat.

Ok, I may not be fat to many, but I have many parts that I am super not proud of. I am definitely not aiming for a supermodel figure or whatnot, I just want to feel fit and healthy.



How’s teaching so far?

To be honest, I am very grateful at how things turn out. My lessons went better than I expected, I love my homeclass kids, and I think I managed to tame 5A5 (maybe that’s still too early to say lol)

And also, I FINALLY CAN HAZ MY OWN DESK!!!!!!!!! No more sharing with the teacher from the afternoon session. SO my newer project would be to accessorise my OWN DESK! Yeshhh bebehhhh!!!

I have yet settled down on any eye candies for that ‘special motivation’ in teaching *gatalness* but I was really touched when students came to hug me saying they missed me during the break 🙂


Before I pen off, allow me to share on my ‘1st lesson’ with the classes I entered. The procedures may differ slightly as I adapt the lesson to the different levels of the students.

General stimulus: I taught the word ‘TALENT’ (my 17 year olds never heard of the word before), and got a few of them to tell me what are they good at. Then I probed them to tell me what can they do to let their ‘talents’ shine. From there, I moved on to another word, ‘RESOLUTION’. I spent some time explaining this, giving examples, and making students write 3 simple resolutions in these forms: (1) I want, (2) I will, (3) I can.

1st stage: I distributed handouts of the lyrics of I Believe I Can Fly, by R. Kelly. This song maybe the classic cheesy song of all time, but it is slow enough, with much simpler words, and simple present form of action verbs, which I conveniently ommited. I played the song, students paid full attention trying to write down the missing verbs.

I used to _______ that I could not go on
And life was nothing but an awful song
But now I _______ the meaning of true love
I’m __________ on the everlasting arms

If I can _______ it, then I can ________ it
If I just ________ it, there’s nothing to it

I believe I can _________
I believe I can _________ the sky
I _________ about it every night and day
Spread my wings and fly away
I believe I can __________
I see me running through that open door
I _________ I can fly
I _________ I can fly
I _________ I can fly

2nd stage: Discussion. Discussion of the lyrics took much longer time than expected because of student’s lack of proficiency. But I made sure that I drilled them on a few words to add onto their vocabulary… Now, the student that did not even know what’s the meaning of ‘fly’ can tell me ‘awful’ means ‘teruk’. Objective achieved!

After the discussion, and recitation of the lyrics, I allowed the students to sing the song with the music 🙂

3rd stage: For the super weak students, I got them to write 5 sentences using the 5 ‘new words’ I taught them. I even had to give them model sentences for them to replace words. For instance, Awful: The __________ is awful. You be surprised not everyone could even do that as many of them are even illiterate. BUT, by the end of the lesson, EVERYONE submitted their 5 sentences! *tears of joy*

For the better students, I got them to switch the original verbs with their own verbs. They had more fun with that and I could see some creativity 🙂


Closure: To wrap things up, I got the students to chant out their ‘I want, I will, I can.’ Of course, there were some cheeky ones who started belting out ‘I believe I can fly’ which I didn’t really mind.


SO yup, that’s my Introduction Lesson for the classes I’m teaching. Feel free to share with me how yours went or what could be improved in my lesson 🙂

Constructive feedback is very much appreciated!


from a beginning teacher who is still learning every freaking day.

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  1. January 4, 2012 11:31 pm

    good thing i decided to read this entry, this is a great lesson plan. permission to share in the future, please! :DDD

    • January 5, 2012 6:31 am

      hahaha… permission granted 🙂 you guys must be anxiously waiting for your posting~ all the best!

  2. Lay Hong permalink
    January 5, 2012 2:06 am

    I find that reading readers’ digest jokes helps in learning english too. Some people might not catch the joke because their vocab is not good enough, or because of the slang. Maybe you can let them try some to see how much they get, and explain to them later. .

    Would love to be in your class if I am still a student,haha

    • January 5, 2012 6:33 am

      Hey lay hong, its been a while since I heard from you 🙂 How are you doing?
      ‘Reader’s digest jokes’ is actually a pretty cool idea! Will try to use that if i ever get to teach better proficiency students. Now, most of my 17 year olds are only at standard 2 or 3 level..its pretty sad 😦

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