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just watched a really lame korean movie :(

January 5, 2012

So I managed to survive the first week of teaching, in my 2nd year!

I was so happy that I rewarded myself with a small packet of chipsmore, and slightly regretting after lol.


You know what they say, practice makes perfect, and experience builds up a character.

2011, I was this young, enthusiastic beginning teacher who thought I knew it all. Come on, I was an English optionist, I graduated from an overseas university,I had the excellence award for my practicum and I could speak better English than most of my colleagues.

Yes, I wasn’t exactly a very humble teacher.

I admit I had attitude problem and felt myself many a times not well-appreciated enough….

……….Until I faced my first class.

The know-it-all teacher was traumatised by a group of students who could hardly understand her, and she could not even understand what they were trying to say!

Talking of eating the humble pie.

It took me one year, lots of consultation with my ever-wonderful parents, earnest discussions with ZT, trials and errors, for me to reach the stage when I think I finally know what I am doing.

And I sincerely thank some of you out there for your heart-warming emails and messages. It is comforting to know that I am not alone, or that I must be doing something right. Once again, thanks 🙂



This first week has been kind to me; but I have yet to meet my 4A1 and 4A3. I hope they won’t bite. lol

and I completely SAYANG my 5A2, the class I’m in charged of. They are complete darlings, which more than make up for their very weak proficiency in English.

PLUS, I probably be teaching quite a few tuition classes, so there should be a lot more income rolling in 🙂

So yea.. For now, I have a good feeling of this year.



On a side note, I do miss Alex a huge lot.

a HUGE lot.

Lord, do bless our relationship and guide us in Your ways and in Your will.

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