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I woke up from a violent dream last night…

January 7, 2012

… in that dream, or probably my parallel universe, I was stuck in a warzone, being held captive, and one by one i saw my friends being killed before me. There was so much struggle for survival, to escape, to breathe freedom once again.

and for once, I was glad for the rooster I had always wanted to slaughter, as it crowed loudly and proudly at the ungodly hour of 7am on my precious weekend – I woke up, with a huge relief that it was all but a dream.

Then it made me realise, that we may whine and complain about our shitty situations or days, when someone out there is just fighting to live another day. (in fact, I too read something along that line on twitter the other day). Dreams like this, though violent, bloody and ruin my beauty sleep, serves as a teaching to me – to always be grateful, for the things He has blessed me with.

and with that, I want to learn to count my blessings everyday.

The counting starts now.


1. I am grateful that my dad calls me everyday, few times a day.

Though I am going to be twenty- f. i. v. e *sad sad*, he stills checks on my daily updates, offers me motivation and teaching advice, and sometimes life wisdom. Because of him, I definitely learned to be more grounded and humble. Thank you daddy.

And though mummy and daddy have their differences at times, I look up to them and want to have a marriage life like them. They are my best teachers that impacted me the most 🙂


2. I am grateful that my parents are proud of me just as I am proud of them.

When I decided to take up teaching instead of following the expectations of the others, they were the ones who backed me up, and reassured me that I was on the right track.

When I did the class magazine for my previous 5S1, my dad bought a book and showed off to all his teaching colleagues.

When I met my parents’ friends, I found out everyone knew that I am teaching in Gua Musang and told me they kept hearing great things about me from my parents.

Thank you, daddy and mummy 🙂


3. I am grateful that despite the distance and time difference, my partner remains faithful, understanding and loving.

Both sides agreed to make the effort, and he exceeded my expectations in every way, often surprising me with his commitment in this relationship of ours.

He made me believe that LDR is possible,

He is my best friend, and lover.

(pic taken when he proposed to me on that beautiful morning, on top of One Tree Hill)


4. I am grateful that I have plenty of holidays as a teacher XD

The CNY break is coming soon, and I can’t wait to receive red packets while I can, and to also give red packets for the first time in my life (as a full time working adult) to my grandma and my parents 🙂

But I need to remind myself to have self control and not over-indulge in the food galore during the festive season! *mental note to self*



5. I am grateful that my students have the desire to learn.

Maybe its the starting of the new year and they are more ‘semangat’, but I do hope that I will be able to help them sustain the interest to learn and make English fun and accessible to them.

One of my main goals this year, is to achieve a good balance between grammar, writing, and conversational English in my teaching.

Will continue to share more lesson plans that worked well for my classes in the future. 🙂



That’s all from me peeps 😉

(Ms. lil me)

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