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Quick Update!

January 10, 2012

This is so EXCITING!

Once again, I am super thankful for the over-whelming response, especially from my fellow teaching mates ❤

I value the constructive feedback, encouragement, and great sharing of ideas!

I too managed to ‘convince’ Dzeti, and welcome her with open arms to join in this lil project too, so there will be more classes from Gua Musang 😉

Maybe I should give this thing a name. Anyone with a brilliant suggestion?


As of now, we have 2 schools, 7 classes from Sabah, 2 schools, 5 classes from Kedah,  3 schools, 6 classes from Johor, and 1 school, 4 classes from Kelantan in this project!!! More is welcome of course!
Don’t worry, I won’t be hoarding all the different schools for my own kids, will also serve as a mediator to link one school to the other.


Let’s really try to make this work!

And please share, if you have the perfect name for this Letter-Exchanging project 🙂

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