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the last free Saturday

January 14, 2012

I have never been a real ‘pet person’.

I adore animals, when they look cute, and when they don’t bite.

AND I lack the energy and passion to clean after their poo or the willingness to sacrifice my possessions as their chew toys.

But on quiet days like these,

It made me chuckled, thinking of how Cindy’s hyperactive puppy – Muffy, tried to hump my leg all the day, even though Muffy is a she.

Or how Muffy loves my hair, often trying to chew it.

Or how Muffy pounds on me, when I lie down, and licks me literally EVERYWHERE.

*say HI to Muffy*


or how RiRi settles down quietly, looking like a gem with her big watery eyes~

I guess, having some company always feels nice.

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