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Hows your cny? ;)

January 24, 2012

I got a bit of free time on my hands, as grandma just dozed off while watching this chinese acrobat show on channel 304…
So with my S2 keeping me companied while the tv blasts at the background, i thought would be nice to revisit this forsaken place…
Gosh takes me so long to type even this lame introductory paragraph coz theres a funny magician maaking weird sounds..n ooo aaron kwok is now on tv..gosh he doesnt age.. Oh yeah grandma’s up so that explains the channel surfing lol…

Anyway, this post is just to recount my luluness from the past few days. I think i totally outperform myself lmao…

So people of this world, please read and feel comforted that there’s someone dumber than you out there. ..


Case #1
I had a rather packed day of classes so i was exhausteddddd.. Then during my only free time, students from 4A4 wanted to borrow spbt books… @##%/&

As the penyelaras for f4 spbt, i had to be in charge. So the students followed me to the far end of the school where the books storeroom is, i went to get the keys from the LK staffroom, and got them their books.

When they all happily received their 14 heavy textbooks, i sent them off eagerly, hanged the keys back at the LK staffroom, and walked all the way to my own staffroom to enjoy my remaining 15 mins of break…

Once i reached my desk…

Jeng jeng jeng…


My world completely crashed as i dragged my tired self all the way to the LK staffroom…


I can see my poor keys dangling at the far corner…huhu..

I called up the teachers from the LK staffroom but no one picked up T_________T
Thank the almighty God a student came with KEYS!!!

Only those who been to my school would understand the dire pain and distress of walking to and fro to get my keys… It is quite a walkkkkkk…


Case #2
Two days ago, dad asked me to make sugar syrup for the tea…

And he asked me, ‘can you do it?’

I answered back, ‘you see me no up?!’ and went to the kitchen…
After boiling water and putting in the crystal cubes… Then pouring the syrup into the tea…
To my utmost horror..

The drink is now SALTY!!!!!!!!

Yup … I accidentally used salt instead of sugar…… *luluness scored!!!*

Ok.. I think i already humiliated myself enough…


Happy CNY everyone!!!!!

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