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February 3, 2012

Our Head of Language Panel made us, ze coordinators, to prepare compulsory English homework for the kids for the CNY break.

Dzeti and I cracked our heads, kinda, and decided to let our students focused more on having their own voices and to be creative. Hence, for the Form 4 we gave a Picture Journal activity (5 questions, one of it would be like ‘Choose a picture of something you can’t live without and write about it); while the Form 5 was a Personal View Journal Writing (5 questions as well, and the questions would be like ‘If you could trade places with one person for 24 hours, who would it be and what would you do?’)

So the honeymoon period of holidays were over, and reality struck, and we entered our classes to COLLECT the holiday homework from the students.

I was soooooooooooo happy with my 5S2, they really did put in effort into their Journals, and some wrote real LOOOOOOOOOOONG (not sure about their grammatical mistakes yet). 27 out of 31 passed up their work, I reckoned that was impressive judging from past records. The students especially had fun writing on the topic of their restaurant: what’s the concept of it, what food will they sell, how is their restaurant different from the rest.

So after being satisfied with my 5S2, I entered 4A1.

To my horror, only 2… i repeat… TWO, completed their Picture Journal.

I was displeased.

I asked them the reason behind the in-completion of work.

They told me they do not understand the questions. @_@

I already knew that teaching this year’s Form 4 would be quite challenging because they are surprisingly much weaker than the previous batches. And this class, is supposed to be the 3rd best class of the Form, and not one of them knew the past form of ‘drive’. #truestory

So after a quick think through, I decided that the kids really did not know how to go about the task albeit me actually explaining it before the break. I revised the whole task with them again, even giving my own examples, and extended their dateline.



AND this, happened yesterday.

Felicia: (in slow and firm English, and lots of pauses)Ok, only 13 of you passed up your work. This is very disappointing because this is less than half of the class. The thing is, I won’t even give you demerits, I will start treating you like adults. Those who passed up, thank you, I will mark yours. Those who didn’t, don’t bother passing up anymore. Your English may be weak, but it is important for you to at least try. How can I help you, when you don’t help yourself?

The whole class went really quiet. They even looked remorse.

A boy put up his hand.

I asked him ‘Syukri, what is it?’

The boy: Teacher, bole translate gapo teacher kecek tadi dalam BM tak?


yes, I actually laughed out in front of them. And everyone laughed.

Then I asked the whole class, ‘Semua tak pehe ke po teacher kecek tadi?’


*double the fail*

Then one student put up her hand and said, “Tapi kito tau teacher maroh kito bab takdop buat kijo”

That moment, I totally gave up on the reverse psychology, asked them to please ‘belajo molek’, and continued teaching them the real basics of subject-verb-agreement. Two periods to only cover SV and SVO…. Slow progress, but exciting to see how they tried to follow everything closely and had that look of enlightenment on their faces Lol.


Right after that class, EVERYONE PASSED UP THEIR WORK ON SUBJECT-VERB-AGREEMENT, and some of them came to ‘kiss my hand’ and apologised.

There is hope after all 🙂


Other than that, I think I have learned to fit myself in this school quite well, and am able to ‘catch’ a lot more Kelate dialect.

Somehow, my relationship with most colleagues is now much better than last year, possibly because I am less awkward now lol.

My name has been having a lot of variety from the teachers. Some call me ‘Felis’, some ‘Fisha’, and some call me ‘Lisha’. Every now and then, I still get comments like ‘Fisha ni suai kawe ngon melayu’… @_@

Work was super crazy at the first month of the year, but now slightly better with the two new teachers that just came in. I do love my new timetable now, but I believe it will be short-lived as there are rumours that two of the English teachers will be transferred out soon…hmmm…

For those who knew that I sort of started this Writing With Purpose (WWP) project, oh well, so far things are going on smoothly… most of my friends in the project have got the students either writing or replying the letters, and my students have been bugging me nearly everyday about when will they get the letters from their new friends from Sabah lol. Monitoring their letters had been fun and great on my self esteem 😛 Quite a few of them wrote that they want to be teachers because of Miss Felicia or that they now like English because of Miss Felicia, or even they wanna marry someone like Miss Felicia (uhuh) *coughs* *vain* *coughs* … Fine, probably they knew I was gonna read the letters so they wanted to be in my good books hahahaha…

Oh yeah, my first primary tuition classes are starting this Saturday. Teaching tuition to SJK(c) students serves as a different form of challenge because the parents here actually pay quite a lot, and expect results…immediate results *gasps* But no point worrying about it, imma just gonna do what I do, and that is to try to balance fun in learning and the requirements of exams.

That’s about it, the updates from the only cikgu amoi in this Gua Musang school. Have a lovely long weekend fellow teaching mates 😉

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  1. February 3, 2012 9:16 pm

    i remember in high school we had to do 3 journal entries per week for English. That’s worth 5 percent of the total mark for English, which was almost like free marks so I really did put my heart into it. Am starting something similar with my Year 1s. Am interested in seeing what they’d come up!

    If your students are very weak, best to start from the beginning. I realised a lot of kids fail English because they have limited vocab, which is why vocab enrichment is very important!

    Good luck, hope the kids will keep on improving!

    • February 5, 2012 12:51 am

      am absorbing all the wise advice from my fellow seniors…hehehehe.. thanks Tazz!

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