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Wooziest Wednesday

February 22, 2012

ok fine. I admit. I googled on ‘words that start with W’.

But I am feeling rather woozy right now, mostly because of the weather~ Seriously this is getting a lil too hot, even the tap water is hot enough to make a drink. fine… I was exaggerating again.

yes, and that is me looking woozy… damn i hate the breakouts on the chin…


This week passed by pretty much in a daze, with tomorrow being THURSDAY!!!  – A very very happy day for those in Kelantan, Kedah and Terengganu.

and for this week, I was practically rushing around preparing my students for the upcoming exams, next week. Feeling guilty, my week was spent drilling them on answering for the exams, not learning English. As much as I hated myself for doing that, I came to realise that it is better for the students to get marks from knowing ‘how to answer the questions’ than not being able to apply any of their newly learned, super basic grammar knowledge in the fixed format of an upper form examination. If they could still pass the exams with the ‘cheating, non-proficiency-related’ techniques, at least they will get some confidence in the language, and eventually build their intrinsic motivation to perform better in the language.

Yes, I know it may be wishful thinking. But I do feel comforted seeing the lighted-up faces of the students knowing they could get some marks here and there; rather than feeling defeated when being handed a copy of the past year questions.

i do promise however, with the exam seasons over, learning will once again take place.


On a different note, I came to love teaching tuition to my standard 6 group. Here are 14 girls, with mixed abilities, a little skeptical of my unconventional ways of teaching at first, but came to be very competitive and participative in my lessons. I guess my Point System helps a lot too. LOL. Bribery Reinforcement at its best!

Of all lessons I have conducted over the years, I felt that I had one of my most successful lesson ever.

It was just Running Dictation, but using Tongue Twisters.

I love Running Dictation, used to do it with lyrics like ‘My Only Exception’, ‘Never Say Never’ etc, and I actually thought of recycling one of those lesson for my tuition group. 10 minutes before the class, a random thought just swept itself into my mind, ‘Why not use tongue twisters?’

and the rest was history.

They had lots of laughter trying to dictate ‘Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers’ to their writers, and had to make a few runs. You can see the great cooperation within the group: some members created ways to help their fellow members to remember the phrases better, some kept drilling the runner with certain spellings, and some were just chanting support away. It was a lot of fun looking at them 😉

And with tongue twisters being much shorter than lyrics,  I could do a few rounds with different ones, exposing students to more vocabulary and sounds.

After the super competitive round of running dictation, I began using the previous tongue twisters, to teach them pronunciation, meaning, and even sentence structure, focusing on the tenses.

For instance,

Swan swam over the sea,

Swim, swan, swim

Swan swam back again,

Well swum, swan!


using the above tongue twister, not only did I teach the students to differentiate the pronunciation of ‘swim’, ‘swam’, ‘swan’, swum’… I used it to teach them Present – Past – Past-participle.

This group of kids are seriously like sponges. They are able to absorb whatever I throw at them, making me seriously happy!


Maybe, i could start exposing this group to even more authentic learning and experiences – am thinking of planning a Japan’s earthquake lesson for this coming class.

or maybe, I should find a topic that is more fun… let’s say planning a class trip! i still got my penang brochures lying around somewhere.. gotta start digging them out!


Yea, this week was not bad 🙂


Ps. today marks us being together in a committed relationship for 3 years 6 months!

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