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March is here!

March 2, 2012

My days passed by pretty quick as I had been quite busy. And those who, unfortunately are my Facebook friends and know mandarin, would know that I was somewhat depressed and emo-ing.

I do try to be strong, I do try to constantly be the positive energy, but i do get tired. I yearn for the times of my youth, to be free, to stop pleasing others but meet my own needs.

But today has been a good day. A really good one 🙂

Despite today being the only weekend for this week (as Saturday is a replacement school day) and I had 2 classes of tuition,

1. I had coffee and cheese sponge cake for breakfast #likeasir

2. rewatched the final episodes for Kim Tak Goo, Brilliant Legacy and Personal Taste (ok somehow that sounds a lil sad, but I was totally bawling my eyes out despite having watched those episodes time and time again)

3. had successful lessons with my year 4 and 6

4. cute and wacky chat with Alex

5. talked to a few friends on the phone 🙂

6. experience cooling weather because of the rain

7. had a real lovely catch up with Eli over Pan Mee, and she told me I looked THIN!!!!!!!!! =D

8. and also, making this birthday card for the one and only, Poh Lin 🙂

yes, this babe of mine just turned 25 but still looks 15. LOL…


I think this month is going to be great 😉

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