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i logged in, because i was bored…and I just rambled on…

March 6, 2012

Not exactly sure what to write about.

School details are quite a many, but i have been updating my facebook pretty frequently, making it redundant to repost about those stuff here.

Am trying to think of a juicy topic, or something of interest…

Students nowadays, are way more opened and comfortable in sharing with me about their infatuations and special relationships, mainly because, i don’t judge.

In fact, I find it quite ridiculous to rebuke little couples and go to far ends to break them apart. First of all, if you insist that teenagers should not be romantically involved, you are kinda living in denial. Things have changed, time progressed, an attached teenage couple does not necessarily mean that they are sexually involved or will turn out BAD. I had my fair share of love game in high school, I think i turn out pretty alright~

When one decides to not be judgmental and start to embrace such relationships and be the listener, a more honest relationship between you and the teenager could be established. It is better to have them willing to share details and ask for advice from you, than completely shutting you off and doing things behind your back.

Most of these kids, got romantically attached to someone, just because ‘it’s nice to have someone who treats you special; someone to look forward to; someone who cares.’ Denying them completely of such simple desires are rather cruel in my opinion. We, the ‘adults’, were once a teen with tonnes of love fantasies, and we were horrified by our adults’ lack of understanding. Do we wanna make the same mistakes?

As i mentioned before, i had my share of puppy loves in school, with my first at the age of 14. Things were really sweet and innocent back then. I grinned for hours when he smuggled in a box of portugese egg tarts for me in school, I blushed when he made toilet trips to pass by my class to glance at me, my heart nearly stopped when we were walking side by side, with our hands swaying close to each other, waiting eagerly for either one to make the first move and hold the hand.

Though things did not work out, and lovey dovey stuff may cause ‘distractions’ in studies, but living is not just about passing exams. To be fair, people in olden days are married way early in their teens so “why should a teen only be allowed to love someone after 18? – a rule that is made by most parents”

There are times when I looked back to my past relationships, not because I missed my exes, but because I reckoned those were some special memories. Though a few of them were miserable at the end, but there were good times, and I love remembering the details. I am not someone who could wipe a clean slate of what have happened and move on to a new future, but rather I learn to appreciate Alex even more, for what I have been through. I don’t even have to compare him to the ones in the past, because only he matters now while the past remains as the past.

Sometimes I do miss the heart fluttering moments, of wondering whether the guy likes you: something I don’t quite experience anymore because he is not shy of reassuring me everyday that he loves me more.

But no matter how frequent those words were uttered, I smiled, deep inside.

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