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a chick that has lost its mother. lol

March 20, 2012

i have been busy. i’m not whining though. such busyness keeps me productive and makes days go by faster. yes. i hope i could see my man soon. the sooner the better 😉

and since im busy, and have to sleep soon as its gonna be a long and hot day tomorrow in Paloh… im just gonna update this space, with random happenings on my life this month thus far.


Grandma makes the meanest chinese-style nasi lemak in town!!! Her nasi lemak is sooooo good that it has become a family tradition to have it during really special days, and not forgetting the many offers she got from her acquaintances, including specialists and doctors, to sell her 5-star quality nasi lemak in hotels. lol



a parent gave me this chinese carrot-yam cake which was totally awesomeeeeeeeeeee… saved me from starvation that evening. lol



attended the biggest event of the year – Principal’s second marriage after many years of divorce… was extremely fascinated by the whooping RM10,000 mas kahwin…since both of them are in their fifties.



the amount of stress at my workplace is very well correlated to the mess on my desk.



boys will always be boys. lol. love my family!



snip snip! finally had a hair trim!!! a few inches shorter and much lighter now. but most say cant see any difference at all… 😦



Grandma is very known and appreciated for her good soup and LAKSA… her secret recipe is.. jeng jeng jeng… slow cooking using CHARCOALLL!!!

and this is the shiznit



I still have a lot of pics and stuff to blog about but internet is just bloody CRAP tonight… so i guess i just save those for next time.

till then~ enjoy oogling at my grandma’s awesome cooking 😉

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  1. Sabrina permalink
    March 21, 2012 4:55 am

    babe, all i want to say is I WANT YOUR GRANDMA. yummehh
    does she take cucu angkat meh? heheh

  2. April 3, 2012 12:54 am

    OMG LAKSA is my fav food, ever!

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