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April 5, 2012

There is one thing that I realised, the older you are, the harder it is to have platonic friendships between sexes.

Shows like How I Met Your Mother doesn’t exactly paint a good picture of my point, as it is so sooo screwed up.. especially season 7.. just too much Robin drama..her engagement to the kumar guy, her cheating with barney, then kissing ted less than a day after her break up…ok..sidetracked..

well as I was saying…

It gets harder to friendzone the opposite sex, and be friendzoned, yet be completely fine by it.

Suddenly, when you reach a certain age, any encounter with the opposite sex becomes an ‘investment analysis’

Is he worth my time and effort?

Is he worth spending so much on my phone bill?

Is there something more than this?

Am I overthinking this?

Should I continue seeing him?


…you know.. somehow, things just do not seem as simple as they used to be.

Now, a pat, a hug, hands over shoulder, or any form of skinship, could mean something more than just a pat, a hug, hands over shoulders.

You may feel comfortable being all friendly with one guy, only to find out that he had been misled by your ‘signals’.

You may just want to have someone to call up and talk to at night when you just needed to be heard, but he may think that you are totally interested in him.



I love Alex, there’s no doubt in it, but I still want to have my guy friends. Friends I could depend on, and not having to worry that he expects some other form of commitment from me. So, imagine my relief, when I had so much fun with Adam in KL. Though he annoy me to bits, but I do admire him for his talents, his guts, and most of all – his ambitiousness. I even told him that he is like a gay boyfriend who is not gay, and Pinks agree. Yes people, he is NOT GAY.

So if you are young, attractive and smart, and love traveling around the world, you can contact me and I will hook you guys up! 😉

and here are just some pictures of adam, pinks and me rocking it out in La Bodega, Pavilion. I gotta say, its a really nice hangout place~


so.. what if 9gaggers give a bad connotation to the word ‘friendzoned’

we think its actually cool to be friendzoned at times! =D

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  1. April 6, 2012 10:54 am

    Oh, so he’s NOT gay.

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