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best day of my life…

April 27, 2012

today could just be it.

1. We finally wrap things up for the drama practice – with the kids able to do everything from the start till finish without me having to conduct in front;

2. Alex called me on my phone – twice. and that’s a huge thing because we usually chat on skype using our computers as my comp’s broadband (Celcom) is a lot more stable than my phone’s data network (Digi) here in Gua Musang. And both calls he made had decent enough call quality and NO robot tweeking sounds. lol


the day before they told me they be coming, but should be arriving in the evening.

so after lunch with dzeti, she sent me back, i cleaned up my place a lil, Alex called, we were yapping away…. and there were KNOCKS on my door.

knowing i was home alone, i was a lil freaked out.

i carefully opened the door and there was no one.

went back to my conversation with alex and THE DOOR KNOCKED AGAIN!

same thing, i opened the door to check and there was no one.

and when it happened the THIRD TIME, i completely freaked out and yelled who’s there.

LO AND BEHOLD, my two cheeky parents appeared from the pantry!


It was such a surprise and I was so happy to see them.

Though there were like a week early,

they sang me birthday song over Chicken Mcdeluxe and Coke, gave me red packets, lots of hugs, dad kept poking my waist, mum was showing off her new pay, dad and mum started on this childish argument on who bullies who more, dad farted 2 smelly bombs, we laughing at him, he took off his socks and kept throwing at us…. It was a hilarious time. It was great to be the little girl again.

Unfortunately they could only stay for less than 2 hours as they need to make a move before 5, with the storm brewing. But still, I am so thankful that they made such an effort to boost me up, and give me a lot more strength to carry on, till i see them again 🙂

there’s a story behind how i made my parents pose a picture for me.

They were’ lepak’ing in my room, and dad straight away went into snoring mode. I mercilessly took a picture of that. In order for me not to pose that picture up, they complied when I granted them the opportunity to pose one for me instead. hahahahahahahahaha

this evilness has got to be a Peh’s thing.

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  1. April 29, 2012 11:53 pm

    WOW! You’re got such awesome parents. You know what they say: the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree! =)

  2. siangshian permalink
    May 3, 2012 5:22 pm

    super *LIKE*

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