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just kids and us

May 4, 2012

this year has been quite a good year. Busy? YES. But Good.

It helps to feel more comfortable around school kids now, compared to last year. Last year was all about finding the balance between professionalisme and closeness with the students. This year, i decided to just be a COOL teacher. LOLS. Setting the standards lower makes things easier. Less over-thinking, and more enjoying the moment. I guess it helps too that I could ‘guess’ what they are saying a lot more now as compared to last year.

Oh yeah, I know why I had more fun this year too. i was so much more in touch with the artistic side of me!

I admit, I am a diva.

I love to act, I love to sing, I love to dance, and I actually love the stage and spotlight. Yes, I proved my point.

and inititally I do feel a little gutted being sent to kelantan, knowing that ‘dancing’ would not likely be encouraged. But with us all fired up in introducing drama with musical elements this year (which of course meant we had to do most of the work from the script, to the directing, to the coaching, to the props), our students had a blast, and our fellow colleagues had a good laugh at the performances.

so now im just gona bombard this boring wordy entries with pictures of people that made me very happy 🙂









The days leading to both performances were draining, but seeing them getting excited to learn the dances, the songs, their lines, were very very energy boosting.

Though the performances were not perfectly presented, with some of the kids getting stage fright or decided to lose their boldness and shamelessness, it was a great experience overall! We found new talents, they used a lot more English, they were exposed to all these new elements, and they found out that Teacher Felicia can dance! My coolness just shot up! Bwahahahahahaha.. *more shameless laughter*

I do enjoy teaching.

i want to keep this love for teaching going on for a lot longer.


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