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OMGIMTWENTYFIVE!!! *read this with an over-excited tone. thank u.*

May 4, 2012

For those who know me, I adore birthdays. If i could, i would try to make birthdays special for my really close friends; and similarly I too loved to be fussed over. There are 365 to 366 days in a year, and only one day truly belongs to you, so why not make the best out of it?

Last year, I had a CAKEful experience 🙂 You can read about it here!

This year, less cakes, but a lot more reasons to be thankful 😉

The whole birthday treat started from my parents’ surprise visit in Gua Musang, and later a fun trip to Ipoh during Labour’s Day Eve. We just wanted to get a breather, away from the ‘kampung’ness for a little bit, and indulge in some material luxuries, but my fellow friends took it up a notch by celebrating my birthday for me!

You know how the 1Malaysia propaganda has always been so heavily pushed and promoted with those fancy slogans and carnivals and ads? Oh well, we (the GM clan as I would called) could probably be the most racist bunch of people but we are definitely walking examples of 1Malaysia.

Let’s have a slight detour and I shall talk about how awesomely racist we are.

1. When I call out to Dzeti, I yell ‘Ma Lai Ren!’ and she would call me ‘Hua Ren’ LOL.

2. Whenever there is any need for mathematical calculations, they would immediately ask me, the ‘Hua Ren’ to count, using my ‘Seng Kua’ LOL.

3. When we were buying Saqinah’s galaxy note and the guy serving us was a chinese guy, they unabashedly asked me to ‘chong chang chong chang’ with him to get freebies. LOL.

and those were just a few examples that happen rather frequently in our encounters. LOL. My dad always comments on how a unique combo we are: You have Saqinah – a very good and sweet girl, KA – a fashion forward and out-going guy, Dzeti – a forever fabulous diva, and me, a free-haired chinese girl who tends do be a lil loud and wild. LOL.


Anyway, we started the journey right after school and had a short stop at the Greenview, Cameron Highlands


Upon reaching Ipoh, it was quite late. We went straight to KA’s Homestay, freshened up for our evening rendezvous! And of course, being the vain female species we are, we had to camwhore while waiting for KA to get us. Fine, to be fair, it was my idea and i kinda forced the girls into it. But oh well, we had fun!

Dzeti the Diva


Saqinah, the sweetie


and you have.. Felicia, the weird lulu.


So dinner was NANDO’s! Words can’t express how much we have longed for the goodness of peri-peri hot sauce on a piece of grilled chicken!

and since we were a lil too late, arriving at 9 plus for dinner…shops at Station 18 were closing one by one and we missed the chance of entering Padini Concept Store for their awesome sales.. HENCE WE RESOLVED TO COME BACK HERE AGAIN THE NEXT DAY! lol. On a side note, we did hang out around Aeon until 12.30 since they extended the time for some promotional purposes, but being the last customer leaving Aeon (so embarrassing), the sales assistants actually formed two long lines at the entrance, waiting for us to get our asses out, and even bowed and thanked us for coming in unison… (EVEN MORE EMBARRASSING FOR US).. But right after that we were like ‘OMGWESHOULDHAVEVIDEORECORDEDTHATSCENEJUSTNOW!’ lol

Next morning we had MCD Breakfast and went to Gunung Lang.







after that, it was back to shopping and feasting! I was in Ipoh for a mission, to get birthday treats for myself, using my red packet money and also allowing myself to splurge a lil. And splurge, we all did.The funniest thing about us shopping together is that everywhere we go, we get looks, like ‘omgwhyisachinesewithmalays’ kind of a look. In fact, when KA was in Sasa with me, the sales assistant couldn’t believe he was ‘with me’, or when I was playing with the galaxy phones while the rest were listening to the sales guy explaining the deals, another sales guy gave me a weird reaction when i told him i was waiting for them. And remember about me mentioning that we are completely racist and they like to joke about me being a minority with them, we had a lot of fun saying how I’m back with my homies in my territory as the chinese population in Ipoh is a whopping 65% (or so KA said). True enough, everywhere we turned, there were chinese people, in their chinese groups, and here we are – well integrated. LOL.

To cut our ipoh story short, they celebrated my birthday in Sushi King (the only restaurant we could get into during lunch time of Labour’s Day). Me not knowing they were gonna buy me lunch, only had a few plates of cheaper sushis. Damn. lol.


and i insisted on going ahead with my chinese roots, and to cut and eat the cake using chopsticks!


and before heading back to Real Life in Fox Cave, we went to get ourselves Tutti-fied!



Our trip back to GM was filled with even more racist comments, crazy singing / yelling / nonsensical humming when we do not know lyrics… This has been one great retreat!



Moving on, to the actual day… 2nd May 2012.

I woke up to a tearfest. My lovely Pinky made me a video,

using all sorts of unflattering pictures of me, and also sneakily included Justin Bieber’s song..

(obviously i had to printscreen one that i look good in and the only one is when im a child fml)

But the video was just ‘so ME’ and the messages in it were so touching and cheesy and ‘so THEM’ LOL.

Me loves my BBs!


Then I was off to school. I did not expect much from my students knowing their backgrounds and also knowing that not many would know its my birthday. But it was nice to be greeted with birthday wishes as news spread! And even sweeter to find these on my desk!


after a whole day of classes, we agreed to bring the drama team for an ice cream treat by us. And Dzeti managed to get the boys to get ‘magic candles’ and recorded me being really silly trying to blow them out.. LOL

kids gone wild lol

a gift by Yati, made by her, using harden gardenia bread! Mindblown! lol


This is me, feeling defeated by the ‘Magic Candles’ T_T


and more camwhoring with our sporting boys


and that night, I had tuition with my Standard 4.

Those sweet angels decided to give me a surprise too!



and the BESTest Birthday gift will be late, but is definitely the one I anticipated the most! Thanks darling!


To end this post, I shall just repost what I wrote on my FB, one of the memorable birthday wishes I received.

and so a boy from my 5A5 (last class in Form 5 with only 3 out of 38 students passing English) upon knowing that yesterday was my birthday, came up to me…

Him: Teacher, hepi berday! moga teacher makin happy makin cantik, banyak rezeki!

Me: Good Good. Thank you. Now can you wish me again in English?

He paused for a while, and with a big grin and loud voice : GOOD MORNING TEACHER!!!

and we all roared in laughter.


Gosh I am Quarter Century Old! I guess I just have to prove that life gets sweeter with age 😉


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  1. May 5, 2012 11:47 pm

    WOW! What a wonderful moment! =)

    I wish I could celebrate my birthday but every year it seem, I spend it getting ready to go to school or in school.
    Oh well, delayed gratification.

  2. May 6, 2012 8:18 pm

    Happy birthday Felicia 🙂 btw Saqinah looks so familiar – I think she was my junior in boarding school. Say hi to her!

    • May 17, 2012 7:39 pm

      saqinah studied in QUT too..maybe that’s y she’s familiar to u 😉

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