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KISSM Conquered!!!

May 12, 2012

For many, the acronym of KISSM probably meant nothing, but for degree holder, government servants of Malaysia, that IS a huge deal. Dreaded, boring, feared, but yea.. a BIG deal.

We kinda need to pass that KISSM course to be confirmed of our services, and not all get called for the course early. So imagine our delight when we received the news that we got into the second intake of this year, and better still, with familiar faces and friends.

Well, that was the sweeeet part; the not-so-sweet part is that we got to do a long ass written assignment, 17 essay questions before the course, and also to study, as we will be sitting for a test at the end of it. The studying part, not so cool. As how Chong-ee puts it, give us a list of pretty korean boyband faces to study and to identify, that we can so nail it; government policies and meticulous details of boring stuff? A BIG yawner.


Anyway, we managed to conquer KISSM. I for one, was immensely grateful when i stepped out of the exam hall (first one to do it too), as throughout the three-day course, I had ulcers in my throat, bloody phlegm, fever, chesty cough and also my period. Doesn’t get merrier than that. Thank goodness I had awesome people around me, making sure i’m not dead, getting me warm water, entertaining me with or without my request, studying with me, and we practically strove through together 🙂


it is also pretty cool that we get to bond with much older teachers 🙂

here’s Kak Mah, she could be my mother. Very friendly, and she was the one who initiated to have a picture taken 😉


this is a lil embarrassing to say, but my name was uttered so often during the course that i did feel like a mini celebrity. Lol. Seriously, i wasn’t kidding. My name was mentioned in almost all the sessions by the guest speakers, either using me as an example, or asking me for my opinion, or constantly checking on me @_@ I was even asked to chair one session, and THANK GOD FOR SUHAIMI, who kindly wrote me the opening speech as I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO CHAIR A SESSION IN MALAY. I think it went well.. as Kak Mah and Kak Suliana kept congratulating me lol.. Oh yeah, they are like my protective sisters too during the course. Other than that, all these aunties kept calling me, patting me on my shoulder, asking me to help them cheat during the test LOL.. Oh yeah, I will get to the test part later.

Anyway, we needed a breather as well. So the four of us – Alia, Dzeti, Suhaimi and I, sneaked out to the beach during our free time; while others were either napping or studying lol.

that’s us eating colek seafood and colek buah 🙂 since i was coughing my lungs out, i had only 2 pieces of fish ball without the deep fried crumbs T_______T



then it was..time for the beach




im proud to say that the wordings were written by, moi~ lol


and then..

came the time for the test.

i was hoping my smiley case will make everything much easier.


and it wasn’t bad after all.

Our invigilators were way stricter than the other hall, and I was seated right in front of the invigilators. That didn’t stop the makcik makcik to blatantly ask for my answers though. Whenever the invigilators were not looking, i was ‘attacked’, and my OMR was even snatched by the teacher beside me to copy @___@

during the essay test, the mood in the hall was tense. I was just busy jotting down all that I could remember, and I was somewhat proud of myself that I did not succumb to cheating, even though I had no clue how to do my 4th essay.

The Head Invigilator guy came by, a few times, and he started reading my answer script, then he told me I passed and could leave the hall. I panicked and said I am 1 question short. He checked again and said its ok, i passed.
So, after he left, I took a last look at my three proudly written essays and 1 half-ass one, said my prayers, and became the first one out from the hall.

and gosh..


like something heavy just got shed off from that frail body of mine.



And so that was KISSM

KISS. M.egoodbye~~~

4 Comments leave one →
  1. May 13, 2012 5:28 pm

    Someone snatched your OMR? LOL!!!!

    • May 17, 2012 7:40 pm

      yup. was kinda shocked but that wasnt the only ‘attack’ i had. lol

  2. May 19, 2012 4:36 pm

    ahhh reunion, best kannn! Glad you did it. Gosh mine was way back in 2007!

    • May 20, 2012 12:38 am

      Oh yesh. I am so glad its over. lol. Now to pengesahan and ‘freedom’ 😉

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