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I <3 Holidays

June 11, 2012

Today marks the second day of school after the break, and teachers all over Malaysia are already eying for, flipping through their calendars, or asking around in twitter-land about the next possible break LOL.

For me, there were many changes that I had to be accustomed to with this new semester, mainly with Dzeti, my sidekick, happily married and transferred to a new school, creating her own new chapter with her hubby in Johor.

But God has been good. He filled up that lonely gap pretty fast, and sent me a ‘kaki makan’, a new friend, a new friendly colleague, who turned out to be my new ‘Mentee’ as well. Hahahahaha.. Didn’t know with only 1.5 years of teaching experience, I am already considered a ‘senior’ English teacher with 3 juniors under me – Time to show some seniority and ragging? 😛

Anyway, I have so much to blog about with folders of pretty pictures, but I gotta run off to my tutoring class right now~ So I shall just leave a few pictures from Dzeti’s Nikah here..


bridesmaids in HOT pink~


the ‘Say HI’ picture which I looked completely hyper lol



To Dzeti Alfina,

the ever-fabulous bride, and now MRS…

No one can ever take your place because you are THAT special.

With your absence I be more independent; likewise, you have bigger responsibilities now and shoes to fill..

YOU SHOULD BE COOKING A LOT MORE NOW… if not i memang kesian HR lol..

I wish you happiness,

I wish you ‘happiness’ (if you know what i mean..hehe),

I wish you the best things in life and a great life in Pasir Gudang…

do know that I will always be your unwanted/unwelcomed guest, and be prepared for my sudden future visits.



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