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the ring.

June 11, 2012

I had a one-of-a-kind proposal, which can be read from here 😉

and many would have known how a ‘Ring’ had never been an agenda for both Alex and I. In fact we discussed before and I told him that I need no ring for security or to be ‘engaged.’ Yes, I deserve the ‘best GF award’! lol #shamelessbrag


Anyway, when Alex came during the school break,

he did the unexpected,

he came with a ring!

Oh well, he called it a ‘fun ring’ initially @_@

Ain’t it a beauty? 😉


To me, and to us,

the ring is still just a ring,

but the intentions of him getting me the ring, surpasses the value of the ring.

Even if it was just a stone he found and had it wrapped in a cloth,

or some peonies he picked around his neighbourhood,

the fact that he wants to spend his lifetime with me,

to be committed in this lifelong journey,

I would happily accept him as my better half,

the man I want to love and cherish,

to wake up to in the morning.


I am blessed and very happy.




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