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1st week wrapped up!

June 14, 2012

and so I survived first week of teaching, after the semester break! Yay! *pats self on back though very loserish lol*

School has been quite kind but the work, gosh, the clerical work has been piling up. And yes, I just dragged a whole bag of ULBS files, marks, and also letters from 4 classes to be sorted and later send to the responding schools and classes~ Phew. But oh well, one should always learn when to stop, rest and play right? And by ‘play’, i just spent a whole afternoon online with Alex and my other fav people, browsed and ogled at pretty dresses from blogshops, catch up on Kpop (closet fan I am lol), and now blazing my oldies collection, while I sit and reflect on my week 🙂


Not a day passes when I feel I have nothing to be thankful of.

In fact, the love there is around me is so empowering and infectious, that I have become a much happier person, a lil less self-centred every passing day, and enjoying the ability to be a blessing to others 😀

Then of course, it wasn’t rainbows and unicorns everyday, I had my down moments with my students and also personal affairs. Taking for instance, I went into my classes, excited to collect their letters (also their holiday homework) so that I could send them asap to their recipients, only to find out that less than 30% of them had completed the task T_______T
The kids were too comfortable with me, using their ‘manja’ tactics to try to soothe their way out; girls and boys alike. With Dzeti now gone, I had to take over the letters-writing project from her classes too, and they too were taking their chances and not completing the letters.
It came to a point that I had to put my foot down.

In all FOUR classes, I went into reverse psychology mode. Told them how disappointed I was with them: Not because they were weak; but because they were LAZY! Then I started rebuking them for allowing themselves to be comfortable with the gua musang mentality, and not willing to progress and improve. Throughout my ‘lecturing’ in my somewhat-fluent-malay-when-im-pissed, all eyes were on me, most of them looked remorse, and some probably never seen me so frustrated. No, I did not raise my voice; but I made sure my non-verbal clues were very clear that I WAS DISPLEASED AND EXPECTED MORE FROM THEM.
When I came to an end of my ‘lecture’, they apologised, but I did not let it go just like that.
I did something they weren’t expecting.

“Alright. I have given you quite a number of chances. I even extended your deadline. Even though you said sorry, there is no security that you will do your part and complete the letters. So, by tomorrow, those who do not pass up their work, I am deducting 2 marks from your SPM Trials.”


Whispers were heard, some translating to the others what I said in the kelate dialect for their peers.

Gasps and some voicing their disagreement.

I stared back sternly at them. Until they all got the cue and went back into silence.

I repeated my warning. They just nodded.

And yes, I did this strict treatment with Dzeti’s classes too, and I’m sure the students were surprised to see me so strict.

Then again, I received all the letters (expect for 3) the very next day.


And when the boys from Dzeti’s class saw me, they were all cheeky and said ‘Teacher! Teacher garang lah.’

“Haruslah. Sebab kamu semua ni janji nak ‘Plus One’, make extra effort, tapi kerja sendiri, tugas sendiri tak siap.”

‘Tak teacher. Kita bodo sket. BI ni meme payoh.”

“Kamu ni tak bodo. Buat bodo je.”

and we all laughed.

“Tau tak payah saya nak buat imej garang ni.”

“Tu la Teacher. Tak yah garang garang la, teacher lagi comel kalo senyum.”

How? How to stay mad at them? They know every girls’ weakness —– complements. LOL. *stern teacher mode FAILED*

My  Free Tutoring Class for the community is growing, and it is getting a lil tricky to evenly distribute my attention to the students, especially when parents start to send their kids with ADHD or special learning needs. I definitely need to pray for The Lord’s wisdom every single day, and ask for guidance to help those who come my way. Probably need to read up more on Special Education, equipping myself with relevant knowledge and skills to handle those kids of mine.

My greatest achievement for this week is, I managed to teach all my classes (Form 4 and Form 5), the differences of Present, Past and Past Perfect: eg. EAT / ATE / EATEN, and got them to write correct sentences.

To my utmost horror, in my 5S2, they proudly yelled out SING /SANG/ SONG!!!!!!

and my 5A2 kid doesn’t know what is ‘DRIVE’ let alone knowing the past and perfect form of the word…

and my 5A5 kid doesn’t know how to spell ‘CAR’.

After rounds of recitation, pop quizzes, competitions, and guided sentence writing, 80% of them could identify the tenses, and read DRANK as /drangk / instead of /druhngk/; and DRUNK as /druhngk/ instead of ‘DROONK’

Those who are not in the teaching field, or not teaching kids who have little to no exposure of English would probably not understand the satisfaction I had from hearing them say FALL/FELL/FALLEN without referring to their books. They are definitely far behind in terms of coping with the Form 5 syllabus, but i’m taking every positive signs of learning as my goal, praying that they would come to have the intrinsic motivation to learn up that language.


Tomorrow should be a good day 🙂

Gua Musang is definitely a very blessed land as many missionaries do stop by to bless the people here, and currently we have a team of Americans and a Canadian from World Race, ministering to the community. Tomorrow they are holding a free drums and guitar class, and several of my students will be attending. Its going to be FUN~


I have tonnes of work lined up, and possibly even a performance for the District Level Teacher’s Day hosted by my school, involved in the co-curricular camp, chaperoning a few chinese kids for Poem Recital Competition in Kota Bahru, my own tuition classes, Worship Leading, Translating for church services and more school clerical work………..

*breathes in*

*breathes out*

at least being productive keeps me energised, instead of rotting away in this HOT weather.




On a totally random note, day before heading back to Gua Musang, Mum and I went to the saloon together.

I told the stylist I needed my hair dyed a darker shade of brown, since I’m going back to school.

After hours of dyeing and treatment, my hair was even brighter than the previous shade @____@

And they couldn’t believed that I’m a teacher @______@”’

As I was doing the hair treatment, I was entertaining myself on twitter, mainly talking nonsense with Poh BB, and suddenly…


We did not even mention about the name of the place in our tweets.

It’s either Taiping is really that small a place or we are just Fated to be together LOL.

and guess what,

her stylist expressed shock too when Poh BB told her I’m a teacher.

Come onnnnn….

I know its the hair. LOL



my hair did not become an issue in school.

Surprisingly for a school in Kelantan, or more like Gua Musang,

it is extremely normal to see female chinese teachers with brown hair or even digital perm.

So I wasn’t that ‘special’ or ‘rebel’ after all LMAO.

but the latest rumour about me in school was that I AM ‘ANAK TAN SRI’ bwahahahahahaha…


that’s actually older news.

The new one was that ‘Teacher Felicia got married during the holidays and will be going to Australia.’


Oh kids~

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  1. June 15, 2012 10:47 pm

    wah… anak Tan Sri! hahaha~~
    Great to see you enjoying yourself at school! =)

    • June 21, 2012 6:16 pm

      i try to! gotta make the best out of whatever situation we are in right 😉

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