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Blessings come in small packages

June 22, 2012

Sometimes, all we need, is to pause and see God’s faithfulness and blessing, through the littlest things.


Despite not having transportation to school for 3 days as Mrs Chang ‘s father in law passed away, my students fought over who could send me to school. Lol.


Gua Musang is also so special that God sent so many of His workers here to bless the community! Had a rocking time of drum and guitar lessons and also church service with the Americans and Canadians of the World Race team!



Despite being so tired and exhausted and grumpy, my students were willing to come out from the camp to do the rehearsal, endure the inefficiencies of planning, and continue with their camp after the rehearsals. They even told me that they only agreed to still do this musical skit at such short and inconvenient notice because of me… I was so touched…


The other day I was totally craving for unhealthy fast food after days of oat.. and tada… nadia, my new sidekick brought me to kfc!



I had my well deserved Me time, and I CAN HAS HOT PINK NAILS!!! =D

And now, I just got back from a really nice hangout and gossip session with nadia and aisyah..  over good coconut shake and overpriced laksam with serunding daging..



oh yeah, today also marks us being together for…

And once again, I am just thankful for His faithfulness through it all.

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  1. June 24, 2012 2:43 am

    YAY! =)

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